Chapter 7

  1. Information Processing Applications
    how ppl manipulate info, monitor that info, then create strategies for handling that info
  2. Mechanisms---> change
    • Encoding- info into memory
    • Automaticity- process without effort
    • Strategy construction- new way to process information
    • Self-modifaction- adapt to new situation
  3. Speeds effect on process
    Influences what we can do with information
  4. Attention types
    • Selective
    • Divided
    • Sustained
    • Executive
    • Joint attention
  5. Memory
    The retention of information over time
  6. Process of Memory
    • Encoding
    • Storage
    • Retrevial
  7. Implicit Memory
    • Automatic
    • e.g. Skills and routines
  8. Explicit memory
    Facts and experience
  9. Thinking
    Manipulating/ transforming information in memory
  10. Decision Making in Adolescence
    increase in decision making
  11. Theory of mind
    ones own mind and others
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Chapter 7
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