Chapter 6

  1. Piaget: Process of Deveolpment
    • Schemes
    • Assimilation
    • Accommodation
    • Organization
    • Disequilibrium
    • Equilibration
  2. Object Permanence
    • Infant doesn't see it, then it doesn't exist
    • eventually object exists when out of sight
  3. Pre operational Though Limits
    • Lack of ability to see from other perspectives
    • Inanimate object is capable of action
  4. Stages of Cognitive Development
    • Sensorimotor- reflexes
    • Pre-operational- Mental reasoning
    • Concrete Operational- physical
    • Formal Operational- abstract
  5. Scaffolding
    Change levels of support given to a child based on their needs/ dialouge
  6. Zone of Proximal Development
    Range between child's observation performance and competency
  7. Private Speech
    Plan/ guide.... talking to ones self with out speaking
  8. Thought/ Language development
    Independent of each other/ Communication
  9. Differences in Vygotsky and Piaget
    • strong----sociocultural context----little
    • social----constructivism----cognitive
    • major--language---minimal
    • Major----education--- refines
  10. Fifth stage?
    problem solving
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