Chapters 5

  1. Infant Reflexes
    • Purpose: survival and protection
    • Sucking, rooting, mono, grasping
  2. Gross Motor Skills
    • Use of large muscles
    • crawl, walk, sit, stand
  3. Fine Motor Skills
    • Finely Tuned Movement
    • eating, music, sports
  4. Motor Skill Development in Adulthood
    Peak physical performance, decreases, appropriateness
  5. Sensation
    reaction which occurs when info interacts with sensory receptors
  6. Perception
    interpretation of what is sensed
  7. Habituation
    decreased responsiveness to stimulus after repeated presentations of the stimulus
  8. Dishabituation
    recovery of a habituated response after a change in stimulation
  9. Hearing
    • Fetus- ability to learn before birth
    • Infancy- less sensitive to pitch
    • Childhood- localize sounds
  10. Perceptual motor coupling in Adulthood
    They decline with age
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Chapters 5
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