English 50

  1. Comma Rule #1

    Hint: FANBOYS
    Use a comma and a coordinating conjuction between two complete clauses.

    • For But So
    • And Or
    • Nor Yet
  2. Comma Rule #2
    Use a comma to seperate items in a series, date, or adress.

    Ex. Students in literacture classes read short stories, poems, and plays.
  3. Comma Rule #3
    Use a comma after an introductory word, phase, or dependant clause that begins a sentence and before a tag question or comment that ends it.

    Example: If the store is closed, please come home immediately
  4. Comma Rule #4
    Put Commas around the name of a person spoken to.
  5. Comma Rule #5
    Use a comma around interrupters (Such as: however, moreover, finally, therefore, of cource, by the way, on the other hand, I am sure, I believe, I think, too.)
  6. Comma Rule #6
    Put commas aroun additional material that is not essential in the sentence (non restrictive clauses).
  7. Comma Rule #7
    Use commas to enclose a direct quotation within a sentence unless the quotation ends with an exclamation mark or question mark.
  8. Comma Rule #8
    Use a comma to clarify the meaning of a sentence, even though no other rule calls for one.
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