Straight Thinking Pt 2

  1. Hasty Generalization
    Inductive breakdown; too little evidence; generalization is necessary, but usually needs qualification
  2. Black & White
    An either/or oversimplification; a slogan mentality; no middle ground
  3. Thin Entering Wedge
    Predictions are normal and necessary

    The greater evidence the more likely, but not positive, the prediction is valid
  4. Getting Personal
    Attack the person rather then addressing the arguments
  5. Guilt By Association
    Attack one's friends. connections etc rather then addressing question

    Addressing ones character
  6. Shift Ground
    To attack another issues rather than the one in question; change the subject of the argument
  7. Cause & Effect
    "Post hoc" [ after this, this ]

    "A" happens and then "B"; did "A" cause "B"?
  8. False Analogy
    Use of comparison; metaphors

    1. Is it a true analogy?

    2. Analogies can be helpful in clarifying but they are not evidence
  9. Appeal to the Crowd

    5 questions
    Did the experts really say this?Is the expert biased?Are experts agreed?

    Are they experts on this?Are they right?Have a healthy scepticism and look for lots of evidence/
  10. Statistics
    Mean : add al numbers and then dived by numbers

    Median: number in middle

    Mode: lowest value
  11. Circular Reasoning
    The conclusion is in premise
  12. Rationalization
    Finding reasons/alibi's/justification for action or decisions in order to justify oneself
  13. Straw Men
    Presenting weak arguments for the opposition, then tearing down those arguments to make them appear foolish

    Love is a fallacy: Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
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