Drugs for Heart Failure

  1. What is the formula for CO
    SV x HR
  2. If SV decreases, the heart does what?
    If HR decreases, the heard does what?
    • Heart rate increases to sustain adequate CO
    • Stroke volume increases
  3. Thiazide diuretics are not effective if
    • CO or GFR is low;
    • if CO is low may want to use a loop diuretic
  4. What are 2 ACE inhibitors used to treat HF?
    • catopril
    • enalapril
  5. What are two Aldosterone Antagonists
    • spiranolactone
    • eplerenone
  6. What is a major adverse effect of Aldosterone antagonists?
  7. ARBs are used in patients that cannot tolerate ACE inhibitors and should not be used in conjunction
  8. Beta Blockers decrease contractility of the heart, so what are they usually prescribed with
    diuretic to offset negative effects
  9. What are 2 beta blockers used to treat HF?
    • Coreg
    • Toprol XL
  10. What are two short term treatments for HF for pts who are not responding to other treatments?
    • IV Inocore
    • IV Primacore
  11. Nitroglyderine is used to.....
    In HF, nitroglycerin is used to relieve acute severe pulmonary edema.
  12. What are the adverse effects of nitroglycerine
    • rebound tachycardia
    • hypotension
  13. Digoxin is a
    • Cardiac Glycoside
    • *does not decrease mortality but treats symptoms to improve quality of life
  14. a positive inotropic effect does what?
    increases the force of contraction
  15. A negative dromotropic effect does what?
    slows conduction
  16. a negative chronotropic effect does what?
    slows HR
  17. What is the most frequent cause of digoxin toxicity?
  18. If the pts HR is less than __ you shouldnot administer digoxin
  19. What stage has structural HF but no s/s
    Stage B
  20. What kind of pt teaching should go on for a pt taking Digoxin?
    • Never stop medication abruptly
    • take you pulse before taking med
    • check for swelling to legs
    • monitor weight
    • seek help if you have SOB or chest pain
  21. what is the antidote for Digoxin?
    • Digoxin Immune FAB iv
    • charcoal given PO to prevent absorption in GI tract
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