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  1. What four muscles are involved with inspiration?
    • Diaphragm
    • External intercostals
    • SCM
    • Scalene
  2. What are two muscles utilized for forced expiration?
    • Internal intercostals
    • Abdominal Muscles (most important)
  3. What is the general relation b/t intrapleural and intraalveolar pressure?
    Intrapleural always slightly less
  4. What is the relation b/t elastic tissue and compliance?
    Increase elastic tissue = decreased compliance
  5. What is hysteresis?
    Describes the P-V graph where the expiration and inspiration lines form a circle but don't cross
  6. What happens to lung compliance when volumes are high and low?
    • High Volume = Low compliance
    • Low Volume = high compliance
  7. What is atelectasis?
    When your alveoli collapse
  8. How do surfactants prevent alveolar collapse?
    Surfactants are FA and break up intramolecular forces
  9. In babies, when does surfactant production begin?
    24 weeks
  10. Where is the site of maximum airway resistance?
    Medium-sized bronchi #5-10
  11. What will be the volume intake for a person with airway resistance?
    Volume will be higher to compensate
  12. What happens to Resistance during diving and for what reason?
    • Resistance increases
    • occurs b/c of increase in gas in blood which increases viscosity
  13. What gas is used to decrease resistance?
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