Evidence of Evolution Review

  1. What are the five evidences of evolution?
    • Adaptations
    • Fossils
    • Embryos
    • Anatomy
    • Biochemistry
  2. What are the two forms of adaptations?
    • Mimicry
    • Camouflage
  3. What is mimicry?
    A form of adaptation that enables a species to resemble another species.
  4. What is camouflage?
    A form of adaptation that enables a species to blend in with its surrondings.
  5. What is a fossil?
    traces of organism that lived in the past
  6. What does a fossil do?
    It provides a record of earlylife and evolutionary change.
  7. What is paleontology?
    the study of fossils
  8. What is an embryo?
    the earliest stage of growth and development in plants and animals
  9. What are the three important things about embryos that we need to know for the quiz?
    • Early in devolopment, vertebrate embryos look very similar.
    • As development continues, species began to look different
    • suggests a common ancestor
  10. What are the three types of structure that deal with anatomy?
    • Vestigial Structures
    • Homologous Structures
    • Analogous Structures
  11. What is a vestigial structure?
    Structures that are present in an organism but reduced in a size and no longer have a function.
  12. What is an example of a vestigial structure?
    • appendix
    • wings of an ostrich
    • pelvic bones of a snake
  13. What is a homologous structure?
    Features that are similar in structure but have a different function.
  14. What is an example of an homologous structure?
    Forelimbs of tetrapod vertabres (humans, moles, bats)
  15. What is an analogous structure?
    A structure that perfoms a similar structure, but have a different origin
  16. What is an example of an analogous structure?
    Wings of a bat and insect
  17. What does biochemistry do?
    Compares of DNA and RNA sequences of different species.
  18. What are the three forms of biochemistry?
    • DNA Sequence Analysis
    • Psuedogenes
    • Protein Comparisons
  19. What is DNA sequence analysis?
    The more similar two species are, the more similar their sequences will be.
  20. What is Pseudogenes?
    Sequences of DNA that have no function but are passed on to offspring.
  21. What is Protein Comparisons?
    Proteins made in organism with a common ancestor will be similar.
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