Political Science 110 Test 2

  1. Public Opinion Polls
    • -has to be random sample of universe
    • -sample size must at least be 1500 people
    • -Margin of Error around 2.5% and no larger than 3%
  2. Push Poll
    Not a "true" poll
  3. 2 Major Political Ideologies
    • 1.Conservative
    • 2.Liberal
  4. Vertically Integrated
    from start of the process to the end, they are all interlinked
  5. Horizontally integrated
    while they do compete with other companies they also work with each other so there is no regulations
  6. Linkage Institution
    Link people with info on representatives and other affairs(Media)
  7. Interest Groups
    any collection of people/groups in order to influence government policy
  8. Lobbyists
    they influence their own voice (hired officials)
  9. 2 Types of Interest Groups
    • Private Economic
    • Public(Advocacy) Groups
  10. Private Economic Interest Groups
    Insurance Companies Etc.

    Benefits go only to members of groups
  11. Public Advocacy Groups
    Benefits fo to everyone

    Ex. Environmental groups, NonEconomic benefit
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