1. Race
    • Seperated by your physical traits
    • How you look
    • Ex. caucasion, negroid
  2. Ethnicity
    • Describes person by their beliefs, culturly
    • Ex. religion, language
  3. Culture
    • Culture provides identity for individuals
    • Describes all human activities which can't be attributed to nature, biology or genetics
  4. Father of Minstrelsy
    Thomas Rice
  5. Name the mission theaters mentioned
    • Mixed Blood
    • East West Players
    • El Teatro Campesino
  6. Another name for Minstreslsy
    Ethiopian Operas
  7. Three parts to Minstral Show
    • 1) Minstrel Line-tell jokes
    • 2)Olio or curtain speech
    • 3)The skit or ministras show, Afterpiece
  8. Most popular Minstrel Character
    Jim crow
  9. Other Minstrel Stereotypes
    Zip coon, Old darkey, mamy, Tambo, bones
  10. Commerical Theater
    • relies on financial support of corporate
    • Ex. broadway
  11. Noncomercial
    • is supported by nonprofit organiaating
    • ex. Penumbra
  12. Wrote day of absense
    Douglas Ward
  13. Mission Theater
    • One which has an agenda.
    • Has a purpose or certain audience it is trying to present to.
  14. NEC
    Negro ensemble company
  15. Who fonded NEC
    Dougloas Ward
  16. Name of Mayor
    Henry Robert E.Lee
  17. Who came back in the end
  18. Main characters of days of Absence
    Luke, Clem, Rastus, Mayor
  19. What 2 Things sperated Angols and Mexicans
    Social Organization and religion
  20. Who produded wild West show
    Ned buntiline
  21. Hispanic
    People who originated in Mexico, Purerto Rico, spain or spanish speaking countries
  22. Latino
    Latin American descent
  23. Chicano
    Mexican American
  24. Who founded ETC
    Luis Valdez
  25. What 4 stereotypes are in Los vendidos
    • Lazy poen
    • Sexy Seniorita
    • Evil bandidto
    • Mexican bandidto
  26. Who wrote Los Vendidos
    Luis Valdez
  27. Stages of the ETC
    • 1) The beginning
    • 2) Chicano price and Teatro Movement
    • 3) The Mito
    • 4) Commercial success, zoot suit
    • 5) The future
  28. Characters in Los Vendidos
    • Miss Jimerez
    • Honest Sancho ( sales guy)
    • Farmworker (hardworking, speaks spanish
    • Johnny Pachuco (city boy, gang member, he stole)
    • Revolutionario (frito bandito, made in mexico)
    • Mexican American (Like anglo, one she picks)
  29. What does Los vendidoes mean?
    Sell out
  30. How were Native Americans Viewed by explorers?
    Simplistic, Childlike, hedonistic, savage, uncivilized, exotic
  31. What were the 3 Native american stereotypes
    • The Indian Princess
    • Noble Savage
    • Savage Redskin
  32. What tripe was used in Wild West show?
  33. What was the fate of Noble Savage?
    Faces the loss of his land, extinction of his people, and his own death with grace.
  34. Why did they use that tirbe?
    They were the best dancers, and most savage breed
  35. Who refused to participate in Little Big Horn scene?
    Chief Sitting Bull
  36. Name of Lone Ranger's sidekick
  37. Purpose of Medicine shows
    show that advertises plastic shawmans products. To attract people.
  38. Who started the Spiderwomans Theater
    Lisa Mayo, Muriel and Gloria miguel,
  39. How did the Spiderwomen theater get it's name?
    Josephine who weaved a hand loom
  40. Plastic shawman
    Fake spiritualist who sells scam things.
  41. Who became blood brothers?
    Winnetou and Gunther
  42. Who makes the snake oil
    Princess Pussy willow
  43. Who dies in the end?.
  44. What are 2 stereotypic Asian male characters
    • Charlie Chan
    • Fu Manchu
  45. 2 stereotypic Asian characters
    • Lotuss blossom or china doll
    • dragon lady
  46. Early Asian workers were brought by what project?
  47. What are the 4 Nontraditional casting categories?
    • Color Blind
    • Cross-culture
    • Conceptual
    • Societal
  48. What is NTCP
    Nontraditional casing project
  49. Who founded the NTCP
    Harry Newman
  50. What is a regional theater
    • High profile operations
    • Main goal to bring excellent productions
  51. What was story behing Miss saigon
    They casted a white actor in the lead role that many believed should have gone to an Asian American
  52. What play did nontraditional casting
    Miss Saigon that tells story of madame butterfuly
  53. Who wrote yankee Dawg you die?
    Philip kan Gotanda
  54. Who si the famous celebrity in Yankee dawg you die?
  55. Who killed someone
  56. What role did vincent turn down
    Fu Manchu
  57. Oriental
    • Inhabitant of Asia or descendant of one
    • Is offensive
  58. Asian
    Prefered term to describe an inhabitant of Asia
  59. Where did Bradley and vincent meet
    On the balconey at a party
  60. Process of creating the scripts that Spiderwomen made?
  61. Who was first latino playwrite to have a play on broadway?
  62. Famous actors from NEC
    • Denzel washington
    • Danny Glover
    • Laurence Fishburne
  63. What famouse film did Luis Valdez direct?
    La Bamba
  64. In what city were the spiderwomen born
  65. What generation is philip gan kotanda
  66. What is miscegenation
    Term used to describe marrige, cohabitation or interbreeding between members of different races
  67. Why doesn't Herman Have a last name in the Wedding Band
    because he is white and Julia is white so he cant give her his last name
  68. Who wrote the wedding band
    Alice childress
  69. What is ANT
    American Negro Theater
  70. What 2 things did Julia want
    His last name and protection
  71. Where did Herman want to go?
    New York
  72. Where did the ANT begin
    In a library
  73. What are three male characters in the Wedding band
    Herman, Henrey, bellman
  74. What style is the Wedding band written in?
    Theatrical realism
  75. Who are the characters in the Wedding band
    • Julia and Herman
    • Mattie, Teeta, and Princess
    • Lula
    • Fanny
  76. Issei
    Oldest jap generation
  77. Nisei
    Midle aged, are citizents
  78. Sansei
    New, created Reddress movement
  79. Gentelmen's agreement
    Made so japs could not come over to US unless family members of workers already in residence
  80. How many camps were there
  81. What is the JACL
    • Japanes american citizens league
    • Mostly the Nisie who urged to cooperate with the internment.
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