Music History Chapter 25

  1. What was instrumental music in the Romantic Era viewed as?
    This music in the Romantic Era was viewed as the ideal romantic art
  2. How did Romanticism view vocal work?
    In this Era vocal works were said to be limited in its expressive range (words say what it means)
  3. What did Schopenhauer's instrumental music express?
    His music expressed the innermost reality of human feelings (evokes response)
  4. What professional orchestras were founded in the Romantic Era?
    • These professional orchestras were founded in this time period
    • Londond Philharmonic
    • New York Philharmonic
    • Vienna Philharmonic
  5. When was the London Philharmonic Orchestra founded?
    This Orchestra was founded in 1813
  6. When was the New York Philharmonic Orchestra founded?
    This American Orchestra was founded in 1842
  7. When was the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was founded?
    This European Orchestra was founded in 1842
  8. What were the changes in orchestral instruments in the Romantic Era?
    • The changes in orchestral instruments in this Era included
    • Woodwinds acquiring keys
    • Valves being added to brass
    • Chromatic harp (as opposed to one key harp)
    • Added tuba, piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, and contrabassoon
  9. How many Symphonies did Franz Peter Schubert write?
    This Romantic composer wrote 9 Symphonies
  10. What happened to one of Schubert's Symphonies?
    His Symphony Number 8, "The Unfinished Symphony" was never finished. He moved on to Symphony Number 9
  11. What is Schuber's Symphony Number 9 called?
    This Symphony is called "The Great C Major Symphony"
  12. What comment did Schumann say about Schubert's Symphony Number 9?
    He said that The Great C Major Symphony is of "Heavenly Length"
  13. What is program music?
    This music is a type of music contrasting to absolute music
  14. What is absolute music?
    This type of music has form and structure
  15. What does program music do?
    This type of music tells a story
  16. What is Romanitic music associated with?
    This music is associated with poetic, descriptive, or narrative subject matter
  17. What are the types of program music?
    • This type of music inclueds
    • Program Symphony
    • Concert Overture
    • Symphonic Poem or tone poem
    • Incidental music
  18. What does the Symphonic poem or tone poem do?
    This type of music just follows the storyline
  19. What does incidental music do?
    This type of music is background music during plays
  20. What did Hector Berlioz write?
    • He wrote
    • Symphonie Fantastique
    • Harold en Italie
    • Romeo et Juliette
    • Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration
  21. What was Symphonic Fantastique
    • This Hector Berlioz Symphony was Autobiographical
    • -Idee fixe
  22. What is idee fixe?
    This part means a recurring theme
  23. What was Harold en Halie?
    This Hector Berlioz was a Viola Solo
  24. What was Romeo and Juliet?
    This Hector Berlioz was a dramatic symphony in 7 movements for solo vocalists and chorus
  25. When was Hector Berlioz's treatise on instrumentation and orchestration written?
    This Hector Berlioz's treatise was written in 1843
  26. What was the title of the first Symphonie Fantastique?
    This first title is Marche Au Supplice
  27. When was the Symphonic Fantastic written?
    This Symphony was written the year after Beethoven died, the same year Schubert died
  28. When did Berlioz get his idee fixes?
    Berlioz thought of these when he was overdosed
  29. What happens in Movement IV of Symphonic fantastique?
    In this Berlioz Symphony, the plot is that he murders his love
  30. What are the characteristics of Berlioz's Symphonic fantastique
    • The characteristics of this Berlioz Symphony
    • Bows mock ghosts and witches with back of bow
    • Has distorted idee fixee from Movement IV mocking her
    • Uses church bells to represent priests showing up
    • Dies irae - three times
  31. What is the fifth movement from Berlioz's Symphonic fantastique called?
    This Berlioz's movement is called Witches' Sabbath
  32. What did Felix Mendelssohn write?
    • This composer wrote
    • Songs without words (for piano)
    • Italian Symphony (No. 4)
    • Scottish Symphony (No. 3)
    • Hebrides - overture
    • Overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    • 4 Piano concertos
    • Violin Concerto in E Minor
  33. What is the Overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    This piece is Incidental Music for some of the scenes in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  34. What are the characteristics of Mendelssohn's Overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and their form?
    • The characteristics of this Mendelssohn's piece has
    • Enchanted forest at midnight - Intro
    • Wood nymphs -1st theme
    • King Oberon's Court - Transition or bridge
    • Lovers - 2nd theme
    • Acting Troupe - Close
    • Sonata Allegro Form
  35. Who did Mendelssohn hire in for Violin Concerto in E Minor?
    Mendelssohn hired Ferdinan David for this Concerto
  36. What is chamber music?
    This music means one person per part
  37. What is chamber music written for?
    Most of this music is written for quartets, quintets, and trios
  38. What were Schubert's early quartets modeled after?
    Most of this Romantic composers' type of music was modeled after Mozart and Haydn
  39. What theme does the Trout Quintet use?
    This Schubert piece uses the theme froom lied, Die Forelle
  40. Who's style did Brahms follow?
    This romantic composer was a successor to Beethoven in chamber music
  41. Brahms
    Sonantas form piano with another instrument
  42. Who were other Romantic chamber composers?
    • Other composers of this style were
    • Felix Mendelssohn
    • Robert Schumann
    • Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
    • Clara Schumann
  43. What did Clara Schumann write?
    She wrote the Piano Trio in G Minor (Mvt. III)
  44. What form was Schumann's Piano Trio in G Minor?
    This Romantic Trio was in ABA form
  45. What type of instruments were in Schumann's Piano Trio in G Minor?
    This trio used period instruments
  46. What was the role of Choral music in the Romantic Era?
    • The role of this Romantic group was used to
    • Support roles in operas, oratorios and symphonies
    • Part-songs
    • Cantatas
    • Church music (Cecilian Movement)
    • Amateur choral societies (Berlin Singakademie)
  47. Who was the first person to use choral music in his Symphony?
    Beethoven was the first person to use this music in his Symphonies
  48. What were some oratorios and other large works in the Romantic Era?
    • Two of this type of music are
    • Handel and Haydn Society
    • Bach Revival
  49. When was the Handel and Haydn's Society performed and where
    This concert was performed in 1815 in Boston
  50. When was the Bach Revival started?
    This was started in 1829
  51. What did Mendelssohn perform in the Bach Revival?
    He performed St. Matthew Passion
  52. What were Mendelsson's oratorios modeled after?
    His oratorios were modeled after Handel
  53. What were two of Mendelsson's oratorios?
    • He wrote
    • St. Paul
    • Elijah
  54. What were the characteristics of Mendelssoh's Elijah?
    • The characteristics of this piece were
    • Choral Finale (In English)
    • Homorhythmic opening
    • Fugal statement
    • Imitative Amen
    • Contrasts major, minor and chromatic
  55. What liturgical text did Schubert write?
    This Romantic composer wrote Mass in A-flat
  56. What liturgical text did Berlioz write?
    This Romantic composer wrote Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) - Te Deum
  57. What liturgical text did Rossini write?
    This Romantic composer wrote Stabat Mater
  58. What liturgical text did Verdi write?
    This Romantic composer wrote Requiem
  59. When did Lowell Mason live?
    This Romantic composer lived from 1792-1872)
  60. What was Lowell Mason president of?
    He was president of the Handel and Haydn Society
  61. What did Lowell Mason found?
    He founded the Boston Academy of Music
  62. What did the Boston Academy of Music do?
    This started music education for children in schools
  63. Who introduced music into the public school curriculum?
    Lowell Mason introduced music here
  64. What did Lowell Mason compose?
    He composed over 1000 hymn tunes
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