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  1. What was the advice given by Nick's father to him?
    All the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.
  2. Which 'egg' did Nick live on?
  3. What relation is Daisy to Nick?
    Second cousin once removed
  4. Whom does Daisy blame for her bruises?
  5. What word does Tom not like Daisy to use in reference to him?
  6. Why hadn't Nick attended Daisy's wedding?
    He wasn�t back from the war yet.
  7. What did Mrs. Wilson want to buy from a street vendor?
    A dog
  8. What did Tom do when Mrs. Wilson became insistent on saying Daisy's name over and over?
    He broke her nose
  9. Once a fortnight what did Gatsby have at his house?
    A lavish party
  10. Whom does Nick finally connect with at Gatsby's party?
  11. One of the girls at the party whispers to Jordan Baker and others this startling rumor about Gatsby.
    He killed a man
  12. What does Nick have to say about Jordan Baker's driving skills?
    They are rotten
  13. According to Gatsby how did he get his money?
    He inherited it
  14. What apparently was Mr. Wolfshiem's prominent facial feature?
    His nose
  15. What were Mr. Wolfshiem's cuff links made of?
    Human molars
  16. Gatsby stuns Nick by telling him that Meyer Wolfshiem is the man that fixed�
    The 1919 world series
  17. What did Tom Buchanan give Daisy the day before their wedding?
    A pearl necklace valued at $350,000
  18. When Nick calls Daisy for a visit what does he tell her?
    Come over for tea, but don�t bring Tom
  19. As Gatsby moves near the mantle he hits Nick's what?
  20. Who was Dan Cody?
    Gatsby�s rich mentor
  21. What is discovered to be Jay Gatsby's real name?
    James Gatz
  22. A nurse brings [what] into the room where Daisy and Jordan are
    Pammy, Daisy�s daughter
  23. Gatsby exasperated says that Daisy's voice is full of...
  24. Why does Tom pull the car into Wilson's?
    To get some gas
  25. Who is watching from a window as Tom pays for the gas?
  26. Pressed for an answer Daisy says she loved�
    Both Tom and Gatsby
  27. Tom tells Daisy to leave with...
  28. What happens to Mrs. Wilson when she breaks free and tries to run away?
    She is run over by Daisy
  29. Who was actually driving Gatsby's car when it hit Mrs. Wilson?
  30. Sitting smoking with Gatsby Nick suggests that he (Gatsby) do [what].
    Run away to Canada
  31. Where were Tom and Daisy when Gatsby returned from France?
    On their honeymoon
  32. What does Michaelis find in the drawer that Wilson points to.
    A dog collar
  33. Where had Wilson gone after he left Michaelis?
    To see Tom
  34. Which of Gatsby's friends came to his funeral?
    Owl Eyes
  35. Who was it that told Wilson who owned yellow car?
  36. What was the final image Nick uses at the end to represent the movement of life?
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This test covers chapters 1 through 9.