Old Testament #2

  1. Leviticus
    ____________ was an attempt to remain spiritually clean in an order to be near a Holy God
  2. Whole Burnt, Peace, Purification, Reparation.
    Types of Offerings
  3. Whole Burnt Offering
    Offering for various sins, You have odnt something bad.
  4. Peace Offering
    If things has gone good, usually Grain Offering.
  5. Purifucation offering
    Offering to become clean/pure, particularly male.
  6. Giving an Offering
    _____ ___ ______ was not meant forr atonement but to give something to God.
  7. Giving an Offering
    _____ ___ ___ to appease God so that one my commune with God.
  8. Kosher
    from Unclean to Holy, Blesses by a rabbi.
  9. Land animals. (kitten)
    ______ is clean can be eaten
  10. Water animals. (alligator)
    _______ is unclean and cannot be eaten.
  11. 40 days.
    MOthers are unclean for _____ days after having a boy
  12. 80 days
    mother is unclean for _____ days after having a girl.
  13. Leparcy
    All Skin Diseases are called ______.
  14. Day of Attonement
    where people put their sins on a goat by spiting hitting, kicking.
  15. Witchcraft
    Putting spells on someone.
  16. Divination
    Trying to Tell the Future.
  17. Sabbatical Year
    land is to be left alone every 7th year to regenerate.
  18. Jubilee Year
    every 40 years, land returns to original owner, slaves are set free.
  19. Votive Gifts
    Clean animal for sacrifice.
  20. 38 years
    Israel spent ______ years wandering in the wilderness.
  21. Census
    NUmbers begins and ends with a _________.
  22. Inner Ring
    _______ _____ of the tabernacle are the familes of Levi.
  23. Aaron
    ______ is Closest to the tabernacle door.
  24. 12
    how many spies were went into the land?
  25. Joshua and Caleb
    Who got tot go see the promise land?
  26. Balaam
    Whose donkey talks.
  27. Peor
    Who was the god who caused the break out of leparcy?
  28. Holy War
    complete and total annihilation of ememy, his property, and animals--- no pillaging.
  29. Deuteronomy
    _______ is one BIG sermon.
  30. Covenant Code.
    _______ ________ told about God's Love, Love of God is Fear and Obedience.
  31. Eye for an Eye
    Meant to keep things from getting out of hand.
  32. Choose life.
    Deu 30:19
  33. 120
    How old is moses when he dies?
  34. Nationwide Circumcision
    Before the people crossed the JOrdon river and entered the Holy Land a ____________ was held.
  35. Rahab
    a prositute, gave shelter to the spies. she and her family are spared destruction of Jericho and all act of HOly War.
  36. Destruction of Jericho.
    Marched around the city once a day for 7 days, 7 times on the last day w/ trumpets and screaming.
  37. AI defeats them
    what happened b/c someone took an object from Jericho against the laws of the holy war.
  38. Drawing Lots
    Territory is distributed by.....
  39. 7 years
    the conquest lasted for how many years?
  40. 12, 6
    _____ Judges are mentioned, ____ major judges.
  41. Story gets longer.
    What happens for each successive judge?
    Character of each successive judge ________.
  43. Charisma
    what is Spirit.
  44. Ehud
    Who kills fat kind Eglon?
  45. Song of Deborah
    oldest writings in the bible.
  46. Gideon
    Who used a Fleece as proof?
  47. 300
    How many men were taken to battle
  48. Abimelech
    Who claims to be king. and Dies b/c a woman drops a millstone on his head?
  49. Jephthah
    who proves that you shouldnt make a stupid promise to God?
  50. Samson
    A Microcosm of Israel
  51. Cant Cut your hair, no Alcohol, cant touch a dead body.
    Rules of a Nazarite.
  52. Delilah
    Somsons lover, cut his hair to get him to tell his secret.
  53. Israel
    Samson equals
  54. Foreign gods
    Delilah equals
  55. Micah
    Who stole silver from his mother?
  56. Ruth and Naomi
    Gods power is felt in the love of ______ and _____?
  57. Ruth 1:16
    what verse show dedication?
  58. Boaz
    Who is Naomi's goel?
  59. Pull the covers off and lays by his feet
    How did Ruth tell boaz she loved him?
  60. King David
    Who is Boaz and Ruths Great-Grand child?
  61. Saul
    Who is king but acts like a judge?
  62. Hannah
    Samuel's favorite wife.
  63. eli
    Head of the shrine.
  64. Hemroids
    What is the plague when the ark is taken?
  65. Anointing
    God has selected you
  66. PLaying the Harp
    When is the first time Saul meets david?
  67. with one stone and chops his head off
    how does david kill Goliath
  68. Jonathon, Sauls son
    Who is Davids best friend?
  69. Nabal
    Vile thing
  70. Israel
    Top ten cities.
  71. Judah
    Bottom 2 cities.
  72. David
    Crowned kind of Judah at hebron.
  73. Jerusalem
    David makes what city his capital?
  74. Bathsheba
    tooka bath on her roof, got prego by david david murdered her husband.
  75. Absalom
    Davids oldest son, mad b.c his sister was raped.
  76. Solomon
    Major charater in both 1 and 2 kings.
  77. Solomons.
    whose temple is the most prominent location?
  78. Bathsheba
    Solomons mommy.
  79. Solomon.
    who is full of wisdom?
  80. 922 BCE
    When is the Kingdom Divided?
  81. Rehoboam
    Davids son, First and LAST king before the split?
  82. Raven
    What fed Elijah?
  83. Whirlwind
    how does elijah go to heaven?
  84. HOshea
    King of Northern Israel
  85. Hezekiah
    Watter tunnel, pays tribute to sennacherib to keep him fro destroying jerusalem.
  86. Josiah
    Boy King, 8 years old.
  87. use of witch Endor
    Judgement against saul is blammed on what...
  88. David
    Contrubitied alot of gold to the temple, laid plans for it.
  89. Solomon
    Married foreign woment and lets them keep their gods.
  90. YESS
    do i need and want to pass this test?!!?
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