Bio 115

  1. Science is limited to:
    The material universe and natural phenomena
  2. Science cannot be applied to:
    paranormal or supernatural phenomena
  3. Scientific method: Pattern
    phenomenon of interest
  4. Sientific method: Process
    What current evidence shows to be responsible for the pattern
  5. Methods of Testing Hypothesis
    Experiments, comparative studies, systematic observations
  6. Characteristics of a Hierarchy of a living system
    • -Higher levels only exist with all lower levels intact
    • -Higher levels have properties not found at any lower level
  7. Different levels of the hierarchy have unique processes
    EX: Natural Selection
  8. Living systems have:
    • A history
    • Variation
  9. Fundamental Questions of Biology
    • How? (Proximate)
    • Why? (Ultimate, evolutionary)
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