the New South

  1. born into slavery; became a
    Alonzo Herndon
  2. journalist who owned 1/4 of the Atlanta Constitution in 1880
    Henry Grady
  3. president of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company; became one of the wealthiest black men of his time
    Alonzo Herndon
  4. planned the International Cotton Exposition; gave a speech about the New South at the event
    Henry Grady
  5. became the first black man to earn a doctorate from Harvard University
    W.E.B. Dubois
  6. worked for women's suffrage; became the 1st female US Senator
    Rebecca Latimer Felton
  7. president of Morehouse College and Atlanta University
    John Hope
  8. began the NAACP
    W.E.B. Dubois
  9. What does NAACP stand for?
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  10. What name was given to the laws that were meant to keep white and black people separate?
    Jim Crow Laws
  11. a group made up of three men: Colquitt, Gordon, and Brown
    the Bourbon Triumvirate
  12. Was accused of raping and killing a 13 year old girl named Mary Phagan
    Leo Frank
  13. the governor of Georgia during the Atlanta Riot of 1906
    Hoke Smith
  14. What 4 things did the Bourbon Triumvirate believe in?
    • 1) White supremacy
    • 2) one-party politics
    • 3) low taxes
    • 4)l limited role for state government
  15. politician who championed the small farmer and rural life
    Tom Watson
  16. This politician blamed problems in GA on blacks (around 1906)
    Hoke Smith
  17. Created RFD
    Tom Watson
  18. What does RFD stand for?
    Rural Free Delivery (free mail service for rural people)
  19. What did the Bourbon Triumvirate think about the future of the "New South" and GA?
    manufacturing and industy were the way NOT growing cotton
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