Vocabulary List 8

  1. Adulation
    • Excessive Flattery or admiration
    • (In Twilight: Bella & Edward, Jacob & Bella)
    • Admiration (Me and Alex Pettyfur)
  2. Anathema
    • Cursed or damned
    • (People when the world ends)
  3. Bedlam
    • Noisy uproar
    • (Football Game)
  4. Chagrined
    • Mortified, embarrassed or annoyed
    • (With who shall not be named)
  5. Doldrums
    In a slump, a period of depression
  6. Enshrine
    • To cherish as sacred
    • (Friendship)
  7. Exuberant
    • Full of enthusiasm or joy
    • (Clare & Karen)
  8. Forge
    Abrupt increase in speed
  9. Furtively
    In a quite secret manner
  10. Gait
    A particular way or manner of walking proceeding forward
  11. Insouciant
  12. Maw
    the mouth, stomach, jaws or gullet of a voracious animal
  13. Mitigate
    To make or become milder, to moderate
  14. Prerogative
    An exclusive right or privilege held by a person or group
  15. Relegate
    To assign to an obscure place, position or condition
  16. Reprieve
    To postpone or cancel the punishment
  17. Sanctimonious
    Excessively or hypocritically pious or righteous
  18. Slithery
    Having slippery surface or quality
  19. Testament
    Something that serves as tangible proof or evidence
  20. Virulent
    Extremely infectious, poisonous
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