1. What are the four sutures in the skull?
    Coronal, sagittal, squamous and lambdoid
  2. What is the frontal fontanel and where is it found?
    It is the soft spot on a child or infants skull where the sagittal, coronal and frontal surures intersect
  3. Where is the supraorbital ridge?
    On the face above the orbits. They are bumps deep to the eyebrows
  4. Supraorbital foramen
    A notch or hole above the orbit below the supraorbital ridge
  5. Where is the frontal sinus located?
    Within the frontal bone above each orbit
  6. What is a frontal bone? How many are in the body?
    The flat bone of the skull that is known as the forehead.

  7. Where and what is the parietal bone and how many are there?
    It is a flat bone that makes up the sides of the skkullband around the back. There are two parietal bones separated by the sagital suture
  8. Where is, what is and how many occipital bones are there?
    There is one. It is on the posterior side of the skull inferior to the lambdoid suture
  9. Where is and what is the Foramen magnum?
    The large hole in the base of the skull in the occipital bone
  10. What and where are the (2) palatine bones?
    From the mouth, it is medial to the hard roof
  11. How many maxilla bones are there? What are the 3 parts we need to know?
    Infraorbital foramen, palatine process and maxillary sinuses
  12. where is the carotid canal?
    • underside of temporal bone
    • It is lateral to the occipital condyle and anterior to the jugular foramen
  13. Where is the jugular foramen?
    • bottom side of temporal bone
    • lateral to the occipital condyles
    • "slot" like structure
  14. Where is the external auditory canal?
    • on the temporal bone
    • posterior to the zygomatic process
  15. What bone includes the zygomatic process?
    • temportal bone
    • the complete name is zygomatic process of the temporal bone
  16. Where is a mastoid proces?
    posterior to external auditory canal - along the bottom side of the themporal bone
  17. Describe what the styloid process looks like and where it is located
    • looks like a spike
    • located on the temporal bone anteromedial to the mastoid process
  18. 7 parts of the temporal bone
    • styloid process
    • mastoid process
    • mandibular fossa
    • zygomatice process of the temporal bone
    • external auditory canal
    • jugular foramen
    • carotid canal
  19. list 3 occipital bone features
    • external occipital protuberlance
    • occipital condyles
    • foramen magnum
  20. What bone is the frontal sinus part of?
    frontal bone
  21. What bone is the supraorbital foramen part of?
    frontal bone
  22. What bone is the supraorbital ridge a part of?
    • frontal bone
    • above eye socket
  23. what is the mandibular fossa's purpose and where is it located?
    • it is on the temporal bone and it is the site of articulation between the mandible and the temporal bone.
    • bottom side of the temporal bone
  24. Where is the foramen magnum located?
    occipital bone - bottom side
  25. where are occipital condyles located?
    on the occipital bone on the lateral sides of the foramen magnum
  26. Where is the occipital protuberance located?
    along the bottom of the occipital bone in the center and connecting to the foramen magnum
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