Latin Third declension nouns

  1. accusatio -onis f
  2. accusator -is m
    accuser, plaintiff, prosecutor
  3. actor -is m
    plaintiff, advocate, agent, actor, herdsman
  4. admiratio -onis f
    admiration, wonder
  5. adulescens -ntis m/f
    young man/girl
  6. aedes aedis f
    temple; in plural house, room
  7. aequor -oris n
    level surface, plain, sea
  8. aer aeris m
    air, atmosphere, mist
  9. aes aeris n
    copper, bronze, money, pay. aes alienum debt
  10. aestas aestatis f
  11. aetas aetatis f
    age, life-time, generation
  12. aether -is m
    upper air, heaven, sky
  13. agmen agminis n
    herd, troop, army on the march
  14. altitudo altitudinis f
    height, depth, loftiness
  15. amor -oris m
    love, beloved, Cupid, desire
  16. amplitudo amplitudinis f
    enlargement, amplification
  17. arbor -oris f
    tree, mast, oar
  18. ars artis f
    skill, art, work of art, profession, theory, cunning
  19. artifex artificis m
    artist, marker, author
  20. arx arcis f
    stronghold, citadel, the capitoline, defence, refuge
  21. as assis m
    copper, coin of small value
  22. auctor -is m/f
    creator, maker, inventor, teacher, founder, author, promoter, adviser, protector, guardian
  23. auctoritas -atis f
    authority, power, reputation, credit, opinion, command, influence, importance
  24. auris auris f
  25. caedes caedis f
    slaughter, murder, blood
  26. calamitas -atis f
    disaster, ruin, misfortune, defeat
  27. calor -is m
    warmth, heat, passion, zeal, ardour
  28. canis canis m/f
    dog; the Dog star
  29. captor -is m
  30. caput capitis n
    head, top, source, beginning, life, person, leader, capital city
  31. carmen carminis n
    song, poem, oracle, music
  32. celeritas -atis f
    swiftness, speed
  33. centurio -nis m
    centurion, commander of a military century
  34. certamen certaminis n
    contest, struggle, battle, rivalry
  35. cervix cervicis f
  36. cinis cineris m/f
    ashes, ruins
  37. civis civis m/f
    citizen, country man or -woman
  38. civitas -atis f
    citizenship, citizens, city, sate
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