1. Name an approach to personality
    How to study it
    Psychoanalytic theory
  2. Behavioural views
    • "gene"
    • genetic factor controls personality and contingencies (reinforcers/punishers)
    • determinists: all our actions are products of preexisting casual influences
    • unconscious variables: that play a role in causing behaviour lie outside, not inside us
  3. Social learning theories
    • "cognitive"
    • emphasize thinking as a cause of personality
    • 1) reciprocal determinism - mutal influence of personality and cog factors, behavior and enviro
    • 2) observational learning
    • 3) locus of control: extent to which people blieve reinforcers and punishers lie inside or outside of their control
  4. Humanistic model
    • "self-actualization" (Maslow) : drive to develop our innate potential to the fullest possible extent
    • Carl Rogers: personality consist of 1) organism 2) self 3) conditions of worth
    • incongruence - inconsistency between our personalities and innate dispositions
  5. Name Big Five traits
    Match with examples:
    enthusiastic, reserved, quiet,
    conventional, stable, uncreative
    dependable, self-disciplined
    critical, quarrelsome
    sympathetic warm
    anxious, easily upset
    open to new experiences
    • openness: opem to new experiences, conventional, uncreative
    • conscientiousness: dependable, self-disiplined, disorganized, careless
    • extraversion: enthusiastic, reserved, quiet
    • agreeableness: crtoca;, quarrelsome, sympathetic, warm
    • neuroticism (emotional stability): calm, emotionally stable, anxious, easily upset
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