VSOL 9d 4th Grade

  1. This woman was teh first African American woman in the United States to establish a bank and become a bank president.

    C. ) Maggie L Walker
  2. As governor of Virginia, he was known for a "Pay as You Go" policy for road improvements and he modernized Virginia state government.

    C. ) Harry F Bird, Sr.
  3. He was a lawyer that played a key role in Brown v. Board of Education and was a civil rights leader that worked for equal rights for African Americans.

    A. ) Oliver W. Hill
  4. He was the first African American winner of a major men's tennis singles championship. He was also an author and eloquesnt spokesperson for social change.

    A. ) Arthur Ashe
  5. As governor of Virginia, this man promoted racial equality and appointed more African Americans and women to positions in that government than previous governors.

    A. ) L. Douglas Wilder
  6. As governor of Virginian, he was the first African American elected a state govenor in the United States.

    B. ) L. Douglas Wilder
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VSOL 9d 4th Grade
Identify persons who made significant political, social and/or economic contributions