VSOL 9c 4th Grade

  1. DEFINITION-The separation of people, usually based on race or religion.

    C. ) segregation
  2. DEFINITION- Abolishment of racial segregation

    D. ) desegregation
  3. DEFINITION-Full equality of people of all races in the use of public facilities and services.

    B. ) integration
  4. The U.S. Supreme COurt ruled in 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education) that 'separate but equal" public schools were unconstitutional.

    a.) True
    b.) False
    a.) True
  5. As a result of Brown v. Board of Education, all public schools, including those in Virginia, were ordered to...

    B. ) desegregate
  6. As a result of Brown V. Board of Education, the Virginia government established a policy designed to "resist" the integration of public schools. This policy was called...

    B. ) Massive Resistance
  7. Some schools in Virginia were closed as a result of Brown v. Board of Education in order to avoid _______________.

    C. ) integration
  8. The policy of Massive Resistance succeeded and Virginia public schools were never integrated.

    a.) True
    b.) False
    b.) False

    The policy FAILED and the schools WERE INTEGRATED.
  9. Who led the Massive Resistance Movement against desegregation of public schools.

    A. ) Harry F. Bird, Sr.
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VSOL 9c 4th Grade
Social and political events in Virginia linked to desegregatin and Massive Resistance and their relationship to national history