VSOL 9a 4th Grade

  1. Why did Virginia change from an agricultural to a more inductrialized society?

    C. ) old systems of farming were no longer effective and crop prices were low
  2. What caused Virginia cities to grow? (which one does not belong)

    C. ) people in the rural areas could not get cable, but those in the cities could

    This was NOT a factor in the growth of cities.
  3. During the 20th Centruy, Northern Virginia expereinced growth due to...

    A. ) there was an increase in the number of federal governement jobs in the region
  4. In the late 20th Century and the early 21st Century, Northern Virginia and the Coastal Plain (Tidewater) region have not grown due to computer technology.

    a.) True
    b.) False
    b.) False

    These regions HAVE GROWN due to computer technology.
  5. Most of the growth within the Virginia cities is as a result of people living in rural areas moving into the cities.

    a.) True
    b.) False
    b.) False

    People have moved into Virginia from many other states and countries.
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VSOL 9a 4th Grade
The Transition of Virginia from a Rural/Agricultural to Urban/Industrialized society