1. anaphylactic shock
    Cause: allergic reaction (most server form)

    Sign/Symptom: can develop within seconds; mild itching/rash; burning skin; vascular dilation; generalized edema; profound coma; rapid death

    Treatment:Manage airway Assist ventilations Administer high flow o2 Determine cause Assist with admin epipen Transport promptly
  2. cardiogenic shock
    Cause: Inadquate heart function; disease of muscle tissue; impared electrical system; disease or injury

    Sign/Symptoms: Chest pains; irregular pulse; weak pulse; low bp; cyanosis (lips, under nails); anxiety

    Treatment: Position comfortably, Admin o2, Assist ventilations, Transport promptly
  3. Hypovolemic shock
    Cause: Loss of blood or fluid

    Sign/Symptoms: Rapid, weak pulse; low bp, change in metal status; cyanosis(lips, under nails); cool, clammy skin; increased respiratory rate

    Treatment Secure airway, Assist Ventilations , o2, Control external bleeding, elevate legs,Keep warm, Transport asap
  4. Metabolic shock
    Cause: Excessive loss of fluid and electrolytes due to vomiting, urination, or diarrhea

    SIgn/Symptoms: Rapid, weak pulse; low bp; change in metal status; cyanosis (lip under nails); cool clammy skin; increased respiratory rate

    Treatment: Secure airway Assist ventilations Administer high o2, Determine illness, Transport promptly
  5. Neurogenic shock
    Cause: Damaged cervical spine, which causes widespread blood vessel dilation

    Sign/Symptoms: Slow pulse; low bp; signs of neck injury

    Treatment: Secure air way, Spinal immobilization, assist vent, give high o2, transport asap
  6. psychogenic shock
    Cause: Temporary, generalized vascular dilation; anxiety; bad news; sight of injury/blood; prospect of medical treatments; severe pain; illness; tiredness

    Sign/Symptoms: Rapid pulse; normal or low bp

    Treatment: Determine duration of unconsciousness, record ivs and mental status, Suspect head injury if patient is confused or slow to regain consciousness, transpoty asap
  7. Septic Shock
    Cause: Servere bacterial infection

    Signs/Symptoms: Warm skin; tachycardia; low bp

    Treatment: Transport asap, give high o2, provide full vent if needed, elevate legs Keep pt warm.
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