Section 8.8

  1. Early Recovery (2-6 wks)-Usually the acute Stage
    • Minimize the effects of tonal abnormalities and maintain normal ROM to preven deformity
    • Improve respiratory and oral motor function
    • Mobilize the pt. in early functional activities involving bed mobility, sitting, standing, and transfers and prevent deconditioning
    • Promote awareness, active movement, and use of the hemiplegic side
    • Improve turn control and sitting balance
    • Initiate self-care activities
  2. Middle Recover (6-12 wks)-Usually Inpatient Rehab
    • Minimize the effects of spasticity and promote a blaance of antagonists
    • Maintain normal ROM and prevent deformity
    • Promote functional use and reintegration of the ehmiplegic side and selective movement control out of synergy
    • Improve postural control and independent balance
    • Improve cardio-respiratory endurance
    • Develop independence in bed mobilityi and transfers
    • Develop wheelchair independence and/or ambulation w/ assistive devices as necessary
    • Develop independence in self-car and ADL w/ assistive devices as necessary
  3. Late Recovery (12 wks to One year)-Usually Outpatient
    • Promote skill levels of motor control:
    • --Normal timing and coordination of movement patterns
    • --Normal gait including elevation and community activities
    • --Normal manipulation and dexterity, including independence in self-care
    • Promote normal cardio-respiratory endurance
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Section 8.8
Section 8.8