1. CVP is
    central venous pressure
  2. CVP is also known as
    right atrial pressure
  3. during diastolic, cvp reflects the
    right ventricle end diastolic pressure
  4. normal ranges for cvp
    1-6 mmHg


    1.4-8 cmh20
  5. cvp can be measured using a
    central line
  6. volume of blood in rt vent at end of diastole
  7. low cvp caused from inadequate venous return due to low circulating blood volume
    • hemorrhage
    • sepsis
    • anaphylactic shock / vasodilation
  8. high cvp =
    • poor contractility
    • + pressure mech vent, peep or cpap inc intrathoracis pressure
  9. right vent pressure is only measured during insertion of the
    swan-ganz catheter
  10. PAP=
    pulm artery pressure
  11. PAP measures pressure of blood in the
    pulm artery
  12. PAP affects the
    afterload pressure of the right ventricle
  13. PAP normal ranges / systolic
    15-25 mmHg
  14. PAP normal ranges / diastolic
    8-12 mmHg due to closure of the valve
  15. factors of PAP
    • pulm bloodflow
    • pulm vascular resistance
  16. medication for a PAP
    • flolan
    • ventavis
    • no
  17. high pap is caused by
    pulm emboli or obs of the pulm veins
  18. PCWP
    pulm capillary wedge pressure
  19. PCWP is coming from your
    left side of heart
  20. when the balloon of a swan cath is inflated, the high pressure generated by the rt ven are
  21. normal ranges PCWP
    5-15 mmHg
  22. elevated PAP=
    • asthma
    • allergic reactions
    • ards
    • pulm emboli
    • atelectasis
    • pneumothorax
    • pneumonia
    • pos press vent
    • peep or cpap
  23. multilumen, ballood tipped, pulm arterial catheter
    swan ganz catheter
  24. purpose of swan ganz
    • monitor cvp through proximal lumen
    • administer iv fluid
    • draw blood
    • monitor PAP w/ balloon deflated
    • monitor PCWP with ballod inflated
    • body temp
    • CO
  25. insertion sites of swan ganz
    • jugular vein
    • subclavian vein
    • antecubital vein
    • femoral vein
  26. amout of blood pumped from the left ven in 1 minute
    cardiac output
  27. normal ranges of cardiac output
    4-8 lpm
  28. amt of blood pumped from the left ven in a single beat
    stroke vol
  29. normal ranges of stroke vol
    60-130 ml/beat
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