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  1. What is the RQ for Carbs, Fats, and Proteins?
    • Carbs = 1
    • Fats = 0.7
    • Proteins = 0.8
  2. What is pleural effusion?
    Fluid in pleural space
  3. What is Pleurisy?
    Inflamed pleura and friction between layers
  4. What is Chylothorax?
    • Excess lymph fluid in pleural effusion
    • milky white
  5. What is hemothorax?
    Blood in pleural effusion
  6. What is the normal amount of fluid in the pleural space?
    < 1ml
  7. What are two causes of pleural effusion and what are their factors, color and consistency?
    • Transudates: systemic factors, yellow & pale
    • Exudates: local factors, yellow & cloudy
  8. What are three actions on air during the conduction phase?
    • 1) Warm
    • 2) Humidify
    • 3) filter
  9. What is the function of Albuterol?
    B2 agonist to dilate and relax respiratory tract via SNS
  10. What is the function of the PNS in respiration?
    • Muscarinic receptor
    • Constrict and contract
  11. What is the function of the Pores of Kohn?
    collateral ventilation b/t alveoli
  12. What are the three cells in alveoli and what are their functions?
    • Type I: wall
    • Type II: surfactant
    • PAM: macrophages to filter
  13. What is ciliary dyskinesia?
    When Dynein is not functioning so the microtubules of the cilia do not function
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