physiology endocrine part 1

  1. endocrine glands
    release hormones directily into the blood stream known as ductless glands ex pituitary gland
  2. exocrine glands
    secretes fluids onto epithelial surface of the body. they usually have ducts leading to the body surface Ex. sweat glands
  3. hormone
    a intercellular chemical signal that is released into circulation to influence the activity of a certain specific tissue or target tissue
  4. negative feedback
    leads to less hormone being produced or the production of the hormone itself.
  5. postive feedback
    increase release of the hormone itself ex. oxytocin (labor ect.
  6. supraoptic nuclei and paraventricular nuclei
    2 nucleuses that lead to the posterior part of the pituitary gland that release ADH and oxytocin
  7. steriods are synthasized from...
  8. intracellular communication
    produced and released within the same cell
  9. intercellular communitcation
    produced in the cell and released outside the cell
  10. autocrine
    made in the cell and released into the cell
  11. paracrine
    makes the hormones then sends it to very close neighbors.
  12. endocrine
    makes the hormones then releases it into the blood
  13. neurocrine
    a neuron releases a hormone into the blood
  14. pheramones
    release a smell so that a member of the same species picks up on it quite interesting!
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