clinical review lisa 1

  1. static compliance equation
    vt/ (pplat - peep)
  2. what happens as compliance decreases
    lungs become stiffer
  3. airway resistance equation
    ppeak - pplat / flow

    in liters
  4. airway resistance increases due to
    • secretions
    • obstruction/partial occlusion
    • bronchospasm
  5. rsbi equatio
    rr / vt

    in liters
  6. pa02 equation
    [pb - ph20? x fio2] - (pco2 x 1.25)
  7. a-a gradient or p(a-a)o2 equation
    PA02 - Pa02
  8. What settings do you adjust to affect VENTILATION?
    Increasing PS (IPAP-EPAP) will increase minute ventilation
  9. What settings do you adjust to affect OXYGENATION?
    • Increasing FiO2 to increase oxygenation
    • Increasing EPAP (Don’t forget to increase IPAP to keep the same PS) to increase oxygenation
  10. when you increase epap you also gotta increase ipap to keep the same
  11. what happens on the Avea vent when the "suction" button is pressed
    silence the alarm and 100% o2
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clinical review lisa 1
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