American Government Chapter 5 Study Guide

  1. True or False: The two major parties in the United States are election-oriented rather than issue-oriented.
  2. True or False: Once its candidates are elected, a political party has no interest in whether they perform well in office.
  3. True or False: The function that most clearly sets political parties apart from other political groups operating in the United States is the nomination of candidates for elective office.
  4. True or False: Most federal appointments to executive offices are made on a partisan basis.
  5. True or False: One of the most important functions of the party in power is the "watchdog" function.
  6. A political party is a group of persons who join together in order to...
    Gain control of the government through the electoral process
  7. The function of informing the public and stimulating political debate is performed by...
    All of the above (the news media, political parties, and interest groups)
  8. Broadly based parties like those in the United States tend to reduce and moderate political conflict by...
    Encouraging conflicting groups to agree to compromise solutions
  9. Under the system of seperation of powers, political parties are usually the agents that prompt cooperation between...
    The legeslative and executive branches
  10. The function of the "loyal opposition" is to...
    Criticize the policies of the party in power
  11. What is a consensus?
    A general agreement
  12. What is a one-party system?
    For example, the "Solid South"
  13. What is a pluralistsic society?
    A union of many persons of diverse interests
  14. What is single-member districts?
    Institution that promotes continuation of the two-party system
  15. What is coalition?
    Culture composed of many distinct subgroups
  16. The two-party system in America goes back to the...
    Civil War
  17. The fact that candidates for Congress do not need to win a majority of votes in order to win an election...
    Discourages people from voting for minor-party candidates
  18. The statement that "Americans are an ideologically homogeneous people" refers to the fact that...
    American society is made up of many distinct cultures and groups
  19. Multiparty systems tend to produce...
    Political instability
  20. Which of the following groups would be most likely to support the Democratic party?
    People whose parents supported the Democratic party
  21. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were the leaders of the ___.
    Democratic-Republican party
  22. The party that developed in opposition to the Jacksonian Democrates was the ___.
    Whig party
  23. The Era of Good Feeling was a period of ___ rule.
  24. In the 1996 presidential election, President Bill Clinton was the ___.
  25. The ___ expanded to include all white males during the Jacksonian era.
  26. Which of the following was supported by the Democratic-Republicans?
    Policies designed to help farmers and planters
  27. During which period(s) of American history has the Democratic party dominated the Federal Government?
    1800-1860 and 1932-1968
  28. Which of the following groups was NOT part of the coalition that backed the post-Civil War Republican party?
  29. The critical election of 1896 was a ___ victory that signaled an end to divisive ___conflicts.
    Republican, sectional
  30. Unlike previous periods, during the period from 1968 to the present...
    one party has controlled the presidency while the other has controlled Congress.
  31. Example of ideological party
    Libertarian party
  32. Example of splinter party
    Bull Moose party
  33. Example of single-issue party
    Prohibition party
  34. Example of economic protest party
    Populist party
  35. Example of major party
    Democratic party
  36. Although edeological parties have not ___, they have ___.
    Won many elections, been long-lived
  37. The Free Soil party, the "Know Nothing" party, and the Right to Life party are all examples of...
    Single-issue parties
  38. Which of the following is a TRUE statement about splinter parties?
    Most of the important minor parties in the nation's history have been splinter parties
  39. Minor parties are able to play a "spoiler role" in an election by...
    Taking enough votes away from one of the two major parties to cost its candidate the election
  40. Unlike major parties, minor parties...
    Take clear-cut stands on controversial issues.
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