EMT-B CHAPTER 22 Vocabulary

  1. aorta -
    - The principal artery leaving the left side of the heart and carrying freshly oxygenated blood to the body
  2. arterioles
    -- The smallest branches of arteries leading to the vast network of capillaries.
  3. artery -
    - A blood vessel, consisting of three layers of tissue and smooth muscle that carries blood away from the heart.
  4. capillaries -
    - The small blood vessels that connect arterioles and venules; various substances pass through capillary walls, into and out of the interstitial fluid, and then on to the cells.
  5. coagulation -
    - The formation of clots to plug openings in injured blood vessels and stop blood flow.
  6. contusion -
    - A bruise, or ecchymosis.
  7. ecchymosis -
    - Discoloration of the skin associated with a closed wound; bruising
  8. epistaxis -
    - A nosebleed.
  9. hematoma -
    - A mass of blood in the soft tissues beneath the skin.
  10. hemophilia -
    - A congenital condition in which the patient lacks one or more of the blood''s normal clotting factors.
  11. hemorrhage -
    - Bleeding
  12. hypovolemic shock -
    - A condition in which low blood volume, due to massive internal or external bleeding or extensive loss of body water, results in inadequate perfusion.
  13. perfusion -
    - The flow of blood through body tissues and vessels
  14. pneumatic antishock garment (PASG) -
    - An inflatable device that covers the legs and abdomen; used to splint the lower extremities or pelvis, or to control bleeding in lower extremities, pelvis, or abdominal cavity.
  15. pressure point
    -- A point where a blood vessel lies near a bone; useful when direct pressure and elevation do not control bleeding
  16. shock -
    - A condition in which the circulatory system fails to provide sufficient circulation so that every body part can perform its function; also called hypoperfusion.
  17. tourniquet -
    - The bleeding control method of last resort that occludes arterial flow; used only when all other methods have failed and the patient''s life is in danger.
  18. veins
    -- The blood vessels that carry blood from the tissues to the heart.
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