1. equality (n)
    • of + a characteristic
    • in + a field or an area
    • among + a group
    • between + noun phrase(s) naming the two equal things

    achieve, gain, win, earn, enjoy ~
  2. parity (n)
    with + noun phrase (the name of sth considered standard)

    gain, enjoy ~

    British nurses would like to see pay parity with nurses in other major European countries.
  3. parallel (v, n, adj)
    • to parallel sth
    • a parallel between sth and sth
    • sth is parallel to sth

    The events of the last ten days in some ways parallel those before the 1978 election. * It would be easy to draw a parallel between the town's history and that of its football club. * The grammar classes run parallel to the literature class.
  4. echo (v, n)
    • to echo sth
    • an echo of sth

    The design of the church echoes that of St. Paul's Cathedral. * There are echoes of Mozart in her first piano compositions.
  5. alike (adj, adv)
    • compound subject + intensive verb (be, look, seem, etc.) + alike
    • pair of noun phrases + alike

    The children all look very alike. * Friends and family alike were devastated by the news of her death.
  6. identical (adj)
    • to + similar things
    • in phrase showing how they are the same

    virtually, almost, practically ~

    The tests are identical to those carried out last year. * The two rooms were virtually identical.
  7. equivalent (adj, n)
    • sth is equivalent to sth
    • an equivalent of sth

    Is $50 equivalent to about £30? * Ten thousand people a year die of the disease - that's the equivalent of the population of this town.
  8. just as
    beginning of an adverbial CLAUSE

    Just as a dog obeys its master, a wolf defers to the leader of the pack. * Glaciers may look stationary but they flow, just as rivers do.
  9. likewise
    • at the beginning of a sentence
    • after the subject
    • modifier of a verb (if the verb is an operator or a pro-verb, ~ comes after it, not before)
    • do/did likewise
    • Just water these plants twice a week, and likewise the ones in the bedroom. * He voted for the change and he expected his colleagues to do likewise. * Her second marriage was likewise unhappy.
  10. counterpart (n)
    a person or thing which has the same purpose as another one in a different place or organization

    of/to phrase
  11. clone (n)
    (disapproving) someone or something that looks very much like someone or something else

    of phrase
  12. image (n)
    (formal) a copy of sb/sth in the form of a picture or statue

    • be the image of sth
    • possessive + image, often preceded by in

    He's the image of his father. * In the Bible it states that humans were created in the image of God. * The Pandas are a roots-reggae band in Marley's image.
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