Justice ch 4

  1. culture of life
    • all human life comes from God and will return to God
    • we are more than what we have, we are because of He who made us
    • all human life is a gift
    • reflection of the all loving God, who love and calls all human life to love
  2. Who wrote the consistent life ethic?
    • Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
    • 1928-1996, Chicago
  3. the consistent life ethic is known as the
    seamless garment
  4. seamless garment
    from the tunic of Jesus that was not divided by the soldiers at his crucifixion
  5. consistent life ethic
    • the right to life is the most important human right. All other rights depend on it.
    • we can't tear apart the issues. They are "sewn" together
    • society's violation of women leads to violation of the unborn
    • justifying the violence of execution and the violence of murder/war/abuse
  6. abortion trial
    • Roe vs Wade
    • 1973
    • right to carry a child is for a woman. They also have the right to terminate it.
    • baby = no rights
  7. how many abortions since 1973?
    45 million
  8. how many abortions per year?
    1.3 million
  9. what percent of abortions are due to rape?
    1 %
  10. #1 reason to abort
  11. #1 factor to keep child/adoption
  12. support group for abortions/miscarriages
    project rachel
  13. how many on death row
    • 3,260 men
    • 61 women
  14. what number are we in executions?
    • 2, behind TX
    • 8
  15. top factor to be on death row
    lack of education
  16. What should the Church do for death row people?
    • 1. pray for the inmates and their families/victims
    • 2. learn about the issue
    • 3. educate others
    • 4. advocate to abolish it
  17. what did John Paul II say about death sentence?
    antidote to violence is love, not more violence
  18. innocence project
    • law students
    • 120 innocent men on death row
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