Animal Diversity II

  1. Phylum Nematoda
    roundworms; includes intenstinal parastite Ascaris and Trichinella spiralis; are tripoblastic but have a pseudocoelom; have dorsal and ventral nerve cords
  2. Image Upload 1
    Ascaris CS; has misformed blobs, some are uniformly pink and some contain tiny pink bubbles (phylum Nematoda)
  3. Image Upload 2
    trichinella spiralis; the cyst contains larvae, and they are embeded in muscle; know that when it comes to the individual larva CS it's light pink, and it looks like it has white veins running through it (also, appears to be a slight indent, kind of lima bean shaped)
  4. Phylum Arthropoda
    crayfish (cambarus) and grasshoppers (romalea); have segmented body, hard exoskeleton, jointed appendages; body is covered by cuticle made of protein and chitin
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  6. Image Upload 4
    insect leg types
  7. Image Upload 5
    amphioxus (lancelet) WM
  8. Image Upload 6
    amphioxus (lancelet) CS
  9. Phylum Chordata
    lancelets: only deuterostomes; subphylum cephalochordates
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