Elements of Voice

  1. What is denotation?
    the dictionary definition of a word
  2. What is connotation?
    the association people have with words beyond the dictionary definition
  3. What is concrete diction?
    language that is marked by extensive details, creating clear images
  4. What is cacophony?
    harsh sounds
  5. What is an analogy?
    the use of something more familiar to explain something new and/or complex
  6. What is abstract diction?
    the use of language in general terms
  7. What is a Rogerian Argument?
    a strategy for argument developed by Carl Rogers that is less confrontational and adversarial than tradition debate
  8. What is colloquialism?
    any form of expression, either written or spoken, that seeks to imitate informal speech
  9. To what does style refer?
    the way in which a text is written
  10. To what does slang refer?
    informal words with definitions that vary throughout locale and time
  11. To what does didactic refer?
    that a literary work or other piece of art is instructive
  12. What is vulgate?
    the lowest level of diction
  13. What is vernacular?
    local language; specific examples of general, colloquial, or vulgate levels of diction
  14. What is tone?
    attitude and word choice
  15. What is syntax?
    the manner in which a writer constructs a sentence and how it affects a reader's understanding
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