Cultural Allusions

  1. To what does Rosebud refer?
    the symbol of lost youth; maternal love
  2. To what does Mrs. O'Leary's cow refer?
    any unwitting agent disaster
  3. What does art for art's sake mean?
    the joy and beauty of the fine arts is reason enough for pursuing them
  4. What does it mean to lay an egg?
    utterly fail
  5. To what does mojo refer?
    magical powers, usually in the form of a spell, hex, or charm
  6. To what does good cop/bad cop refer?
    method of police interrogation alternates a kind and compassionate approach with a hars, unrelenting attack
  7. To what does gonzo refer?
    a style of eccentric journalism exhibited by Hunter S. Thompson
  8. To whom does Doubting Thomas refer?
    the apostle Thomas, who was not present with the others when they saw the risen Jesus Christ
  9. To whom does Don Juan refer?
    the name of a literary womanizer
  10. To what do the alpha and omega refer?
    the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet
  11. To whom does Barbie and Ken refer?
    an sterotypical trendy couple
  12. To what does throw down the gauntlet refer?
    the issuance of a challenge
  13. To what does thirty piece of silver refer?
    the price paid to Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus
  14. To what does their finest hour refer?
    a moment that surpasses all others in terms of greatness and courage during a time of crisis
  15. To what does the unkindest cut refer?
    the cruelest, most personally devastating injury or insult
  16. To what does the phrase Achilles' heel refer?
    a person's weakness
  17. To what does the phrase "the die is cast" refer?
    the idea that there is no turning back
  18. To what does the phrase "Paris is well worth a Mass" refer?
    a statement of pragmatism
  19. To what does the phrase "it's not over till the fat lady sings" refer?
    the concept that a game or contest is not over until all possible efforts are exhausted
  20. To what does the cutting-room floor refer?
    the place where rejected pieces of a project go
  21. To what does "Beam me up, Scotty" refer?
    the phrase Captain Kirk would use to be transported back onto his spaceship
  22. To what does "there's the rub" refer?
    the understanding that therein lies the difficulty or stumbling block
  23. To what does a phoenix rising from the ashes refer?
    anyone who makes a dramatic recovery from defeat or adversity
  24. To what does a voice crying out in the wilderness refer?
    a Biblical allusion to John the Baptist.
  25. To what does deep six refer?
    to dispose of or abondon it
  26. To what does run the gauntlet refer?
    to undergo a severe trial or ordeal
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