Sea and IR 2/29

  1. What is the largest mountain range
    mid atlantic ridge
  2. What is so important about the contintal shelf?
    marck where ocean bottom or below the bottom is yours
  3. When was UNCLOS I
  4. What was decided in UNCLOS I
    • depth of 200m beyond territorial sea
    • "explotability"
  5. When was UNCLOS III
  6. What was decided in UNCLOS III
    • 'natural prolongation of land territory' out to 200 NM
    • line no more than 60 NM from contintal slope
    • thickness of sediments is less than 1% of distance to base of continental slope
    • no more than 350 NM from baseline
  7. what are the two definitions of subsoil explotation
    • geological
    • legal
  8. what is the definition of subsoil explotation
    can drill below ocean
  9. What is the importance of the Ecofish Oil Platform?
    • it is on the contintal shelf
    • made one of the most prosperous
  10. Where is the ecofish oil platform?
  11. What is the difference betweent he ecofish oil platform in norway and the deepwater horizon oil rig int he gulf of mexico
    ship, not fixed to the bottom
    • Just about everybody joiins
    • stans don't join, equador, peru, turkey, 2 in africa
    • USA has signed
  13. What does it mean to know have signed, but not ratified
    don't have to follow all the rules, but can't stop people
  14. Who sigend the UNCLOS III for the USA
  15. Why didn't USA sign before clinton
    • reagan said too much violoation on US soverignty
    • seabed part of the treaty
    • too communist
    • not guarenteed seat on concil
    • dominated by people of developing countries
    • 1/2 mine site to the seabed authority - giving tech to developing countries
  16. US stand on LOS
    • opposition by american buisnesses
    • has not ratified
    • do not want to send it to congress to get it shot down
    • don't get to talk about arctic
  17. International Seabed Authroity
    • variable fortune over the years
    • mostly offshore drilling
  18. Glomar Explorer - Soviet 'K' class sub
    • designed by NASA engineer
    • practicing robotics underwater
    • developing countries left out - technology high tech
    • OECD?
    • even second tier countries can't do it
  19. Manganese Nodule
    • sitting at bottom of sea
    • 1 illion years to make
  20. Polymetallic Nodule
    • colbalt and nickle
    • much more economically viable
  21. Vacume mining
    • shallow out beyond 12 mile
    • hoses really long
  22. Mining vessel
    containers - put lab and stuff in so that ship can be used for multiple purposes
  23. Deep Seabed
    • no universally recognized regime
    • LOS Convention III established authority
  24. What are the deep sea bed regimes?
    • res communis
    • freedom of the sea
    • res mullis
  25. Seabed Authority
    • 36 member council
    • ensured technology sharing
    • licenses plans for mining
    • collects revenues
    • provides loans to LDC's
    • Tribunal for dispute resolution
  26. Who is on the 36 memeber seabed authority council?
    • those that ratified
    • anyone ratified possibly on council
    • could be 36 poorest countries or landlocked
  27. Why doesn't the USA like that the seabed authority ensures technology sharing?
    • you should get benifits of it
    • in US constitution you don't have to share
  28. What do you need to do to get a license to mine from the seabed authority?
    • find 2 spots
    • 1 for seabed
    • one for you
  29. money is fungable
    free to spend on something you don't like
  30. Nodule recovered in 1979
    • 25 kg
    • just sitting down there
  31. seabed crawler
    • 1000 ft down under estreem pressure
    • know how to build
    • you want our technology for free - what will you do for us?
  32. conflicting claims
    • US and Canada
    • where to draw the line
    • oil in the middle
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