Chapter 41

  1. Animals require food for three reasons. What are they?
    Fuel, carbon skeletons, and essential nutrients.
  2. _____________ mechanisms manage an animal's fuel.
  3. ATP is produced as the result of what?
    The oxidation of organic fuel molecules in cellular respiration.
  4. What happens when an animal takes in excess calories?
    They can be used for biosynthesis to grow or produce storage molecules.
  5. Fuel
    The energy for the cellular work of the body
  6. Carbon Skeletons
    The organic raw materials animals use in biosynthesis to make many of their own molecules.
  7. Essential Nutrients
    Substances that the animal CANNOT make for itself from any raw material and therefore must obtain in food in prefabricated form.
  8. When glucose levels rise above a set point, the _______________ secretes _______________ into the blood.
    Pancreas secretes insulin.
  9. ________ enhances the transport of glucose into body cells and stimulates the liver and muscle cells to store ________ as _________, dropping blood glucose levels.
    Insulin, glucose, glycogen.
  10. When ____________ levels drop beyond a set point, the pancreas secretes ___________ into the blood.
    Glucose, glucagon.
  11. Glucagon promotes what?
    The breakdown of glycogen and the release of glucose in the blood. This increases blood glucose levels.
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