Industrial Revolution Inventors

  1. Steam boat service in 1807
    Robert Fulton
  2. cotton gin in 1793; standardized gun parts in 1798
    Eli Whitney
  3. Morse code in 1837
    Samuel Morse
  4. Steel plow in 1837
    John Deere
  5. Mechanical reaper in 1847
    Cyrus McCormick
  6. Steam engine to drill oil in 1859
    Edwin Drake
  7. easier, cheaper way of manufacting steel in 1855
    Henry Bessemer, William Kelly
  8. light bulb in 1876
    Thomas Edison
  9. modern type writer keyboard in 1867
    Christopher Sholes
  10. telephone in 1876
    Alexander Bell
  11. established carnegie steel; the idea of a structured business in 1873
    Andrew Carnegie
  12. "Survival of the fittest" in 1859
    Charles Darwin
  13. standard oil company in 1870
    John Rockefeller
  14. first hand held user friendly camera in 1888
    George Eastman
  15. model t; the assembly line concept in 1914
    Henry Ford
  16. first engine powered aircraft in 1903
    Wright brothers
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Industrial Revolution Inventors
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