Bobby's Random Notecards II

  1. Group that wanted to keep the US out of WWII
    America First Committee
  2. Led the America First Committee
    Charles Lindbergh
  3. Law that advocated “cash-and-carry”
    Neutrality Act
  4. Chinese Gordon was killed by this African leader
  5. Program intended to exposed dissidents
    Hundred Flowers
  6. Grandson of Scipio Africanus
    Scipio Aemilianus
  7. Said “Carthago delenda est”
    Cato the Elder
  8. Motto of Tammany Hall
    “Freedom Our Rock”
  9. Assistant was James Adams
    Santa Anna
  10. Two generals at the Battle of Eutaw Springs
    Francis Marion and Nathaniel Greene
  11. Transcribed most of Mein Kampf
    Rudolf Hess
  12. Parachuted into Scotland and proposed peace
    Rudolf Hess
  13. Only inmate of Spandau prison
    Rudolf Hess
  14. Organization that protects against false advertising
  15. Vietnam city with a namesake “perimeter”
  16. Temporary capital of South Korea
  17. Macedonian-born viceroy of the Ottomans
    Muhammad Ali
  18. Killed the last Mameluks
    Muhammad Ali
  19. Naval battle between the Greeks and Ottomans
    Battle of Navarino
  20. Regent of Charles V
    Joanna the Mad
  21. “Green” party in Colombia
    Oxygen Green Party
  22. Shanghai river
    Huangpu River
  23. Shanghai downtown district
    Pudong District
  24. Bahai text
    Book of Certitude
  25. Income hypothesis of Milton Friedman
    Permanent Income Hypothesis
  26. Chancellor of the Exchequer for Stanley Baldwin
    Neville Chamberlain
  27. Succeeded Ghengis Khan
    Ogedei Khan
  28. Second capital of Ghengis Khan
  29. Emerged as the Fabian Society
    Labour Party
  30. First British Labour Party leader
    Keir Hardie
  31. Range that Pike’s Peak is in
    Front Range
  32. Month during which Napoleon took power
    Brumaire Revolution
  33. Sent home at Saint-Denis
    Children’s Crusade
  34. Huge killing of the Danes in England
    St. Brice’s Day Massacre
  35. King that ordered St. Brice’s Day Massacre
    Ethelred the Unready
  36. Supported Gorbachev’s rise to power
    Mikhail Suslov
  37. First Premier of the People’s Republic of China
    Zhou Enlai
  38. Worked with Henry Kissinger for the Chinese
    Zhou Enlai
  39. Zhou Enlai was almost assassinated on his way to this conference
  40. Gram-positive bacteria have lots of this stuff
  41. Hybridized orbitals form these bonds when they overlap
  42. Last significant Neo-Assyrinan king
  43. Rich Lands and Poor
    Gunnar Myrdal
  44. An American Dilemma
    Gunnar Myrdal
  45. City surrounded by a “Defense Line”
  46. Principles of Mining
    Herbert Hoover
  47. Belief in it was eroded by the 1970s stagflation
    Phillips Curve
  48. Bones that make the forearm
    Radius and Ulna
  49. Substances that lower surface tension
  50. Son of Robert the Bruce
    David II
  51. Controversy stemming from the African transcontinental railroad
    Fashoda Incident
  52. River that rises southeast of Tula
    Don River
  53. FINAL Aztec emperor
  54. Mirador Basin is prominent in
  55. What echinoderms use to walk
    Tube feet
  56. Lesser dude beaten by Constantine
  57. Constantine the Great was somehow connected to this dude
    Claudius II
  58. Son of Ghengis Khan
  59. Became head of Sinn Fein in 1918
    De Valera
  60. Circulated by gastropods
  61. Largest of the Florida Keys
    Key Largo
  62. Eminent Domain supreme court case
    Kelo v. New London
  63. Euphemius led a revolt on this island
  64. Wrote about a dude named Philo
  65. Secondary fort captured by the Green Mountain Boys
    Crown Point
  66. Challenged Ahmadinejad in the 2009 Iran election
  67. Executed by the Rump Parliament
    Charles I
  68. Ended the Bishop’s Wars
    Treaty of Ripon
  69. Laos Communist Party
    Pathet Lao
  70. Node whose malfunction is cause for a pacemaker
    SA node
  71. Huey Long’s campaign slogan
    “Every Man A King”
  72. Rock thing on the Ohio River
  73. Husband of Mary, Queen of Scots
    Lord Darnley
  74. Mother of Mary, Queen of Scotes
    Mary of Guise
  75. Cells in the liver that degrade RBCs
  76. Spaces of Disse and Mall are in
  77. Two plots against James I
    Ruthven Raid, Bye Plot
  78. Gunpowder Plot was to overthrow
    James I
  79. Brutal Spanish General towards the Netherlands
    Duke of Alba
  80. Highest point of the Carpathian Mountains
    Mount Gerlach
  81. Plateau in France
    Massif Central
  82. In 1912, Teddy ran with this guy
    Hiram Johnson
  83. Adversary was Jens Christian Haughe
  84. Founded by Robert Walpole
    Kit-Cat Club
  85. Was cut of from the rest of the Confederates at Brandy Station
    Jeb Stuart
  86. Beaten by Mucius Scaevola
    Lars Porsena
  87. French king that died during a jousting tournament
    Henry II
  88. Husband of Cathrine de Medici
    Henry II
  89. Ended by the Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis
    Italian Wars
  90. Analyzed a list of five red apples
  91. Wittgenstein said there’s none of this
    Private lanuage
  92. Wittgenstein games
    Language games
  93. Used the beetle-in-a-box analogy
  94. First Crusade battle
  95. Duct of the Pancreas
    Duct of Wirsung
  96. Wealthy agricultural peasants of Russia
  97. Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose platform
    New Nationalism
  98. Racial affair during Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure
    Brownsville Incident
  99. Agreement with Japan signed by Teddy Roosevelt
    Gentlemen’s Agreement
  100. Primary outflow of Lake Tahoe
    Truckee River
  101. Only island in Lake Tahoe
    Fannette Island
  102. Bay in Lake Tahoe
    Emerald Bay
  103. Heir apparent of Tito
  104. Neville Chamberlain was Chancellor of the Exchequer for
    Stanley Baldwin
  105. Preceded Chamberlain as Prime Minister
    Stanley Baldwin
  106. Eye-related aspect of Down Syndrome
    Brushfield Spots
  107. Germanic tribe that adapted Arianism
  108. Their great leader was Theodoric
  109. Allied with Balboa
  110. Ancient kingdom in Angole
  111. Position of Franco before Spain stuff
    Commandant of the Canary Islands
  112. Battle preceding Lepanto
  113. Two Abbassid rulers
    Mustakfi and Mutasim
  114. The Common Law
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
  115. Commemorates the destruction of the Temples of Jerusalem
    Tisha B’Av
  116. Pope during World War II
    Pius XII
  117. Wife of John C. Calhoun
  118. Nickname of John C. Calhoun
    Young Hercules
  119. James Cook called these the Friendly Islands
  120. Only inhabited Pacific island to never have been colonized
  121. Ordered the Knights Templar executed
    Philip IV
  122. The Knights Templar were defeated by Saladin at this battle
  123. Gave the sole dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson
  124. Anti-Machiavel
    Frederick the Great
  125. Built Sans Souchi Palace
    Frederick the Great
  126. City at the mouth of the Limpopo
  127. Main tributary of the Limpopo
    Olifants River
  128. Chiang Kai-Shek movement
    New Life Movement
  129. President that oversaw the ousting of Hawaii’s royal family
    Benjamin Harrison
  130. Benjamin Harrison’s congress
    Billion Dollar Congress
  131. Three Benjamin Harrison Acts
    McKinley Tariff, Sherman Antitrust Act, Sherman Silver Purchase Act
  132. Ran with Benjamin Harrison when he lost
    Whitelaw Reid
  133. Benjamin Harrison VP
    Levi Morton
  134. Victoria-era crisis
    Bedchamber Crisis
  135. Bedchamber Crisis PM
    Lord Melbourne
  136. Japanese city decimated by a 1995 earthquake
  137. Put to death during the Peasant’s Revolt
    Simon Sudbury
  138. Peasant’s Revolt king
    Richard II
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