Desktop Publishing

  1. arrangment of windows and palettes that you see on your monitor
  2. area surrounding the document, provides space for extending objects past the edge
  3. are two pages that face each other
  4. command center for modifying text. ( is grouped with the paragraph palette)
    character palette
  5. used to describe vertical space between lines of text
  6. the invisible line on which a line ot text sits. (measured in points)
  7. increases/decreases space between a pair of characters
    space between letters that affects the entire word or paragraph
  8. horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines and for underlining text
  9. command center for mofying paragraphs, blocks of text, or body copy
    paragraph palette
  10. use indent when you want each line of a paragraph to start further right than the other
    pull quote
  11. design element in which the first letter of the paragraph is increased in size for effect
    drop cap
  12. is inserted into text formfatting by presing [enter]
    paragraph/ hard return
  13. group of formatting attributes, susch as font size, color, and tracking is applied
  14. the width and heighth of the finished product
    page size
  15. document has left and right pages that face each other in a spread
    facing pages
  16. space between the columns
  17. templates that you creatae for a page layout
    master pages
  18. where text is positioned
    text frames
  19. where graphics are placed
    graphics frames
  20. when you create a frame for text/graphics on master pages
  21. at the top left corner of the age, x and y are made in reference to 0.
    zero point
  22. group of 9 reference points that correspond on the 9 ptsavailable on a selected items box
  23. used to describe the act of moving an object,scaling, skewing, or rotating
  24. center reference point
    point of origin
  25. where text would flow into the text frame
    in port
  26. where text would flow out of a text frame
    out port
  27. more text that can fit in the frame
    overset text
  28. a color you apply that fills an object
  29. color that you apply to the outline of an object
  30. where you pick colors/gradients
    swatches palette
  31. how heavy the outline appears
    stroke weight
  32. makes copies of objects, and you choose the offset for each
    step and repeat
  33. distance, horizontal,vertically that the copy will be from the original
  34. position them by their tops, bottoms,left and right side, and center
  35. space them equally o the page, horizontally, vertically or both
  36. refers to how objects are stacked
    stacking order
  37. clicking a layer in the layers palette
    target layer
  38. pen tool icon next to a layers name in the layers palette. the icon helps remind that anything placed/drawn will become part of the layer
    indicates current drawing layer icon
  39. represents the selected objects
    indicates selected items buttton
  40. element on a page that is not text
  41. images that consist of pixes created in a program
    bitmap images
  42. the ghosted image
    dynamic preview
  43. graphic you draw in photoshop that outlines the areas that you want
    clipping path
  44. press [alt], then click text frame. lets you flow text manually
    semi autoflow
  45. flows text automatically
  46. forces tect to the next column
    column break
  47. colors taht you create by mixing cymk's
    process colors
  48. process inks( cyan, magenta,yellow and black)
  49. color that you created in the swatches palette
    named colors
  50. lighter version of the color
  51. displays the last color
    apply color button
  52. non-pixel inks that are manufactured by companies
    spot colors
  53. colors that you add
    stop colors
  54. the image that you see in the graphics frame
    preview file
  55. graphics that you create in computer drawing programs
    vector graphics
  56. paths that are curved /straight , defined by geometric characters
  57. shows no preview file , shows gray box within graphics frame
    optimized view
  58. desplays low resolution preview
    typical view
  59. displays preview file at high resolution and most memory
    high quality view
  60. created using a rectangular grid of colored squares
    bitmap images
  61. rectangular grid of colored squares
  62. number of pixels in a given inch
  63. " the selection"..... can be saved with photoshop file
  64. selections made in photoshop that have been saved with a descriptive name
    alpha channels
  65. refers to an image that has been placed in its entirely
    square up
  66. straight/ curved lines. have anchor pints and line segments... use the line tool
  67. files that you create that appear as a palette in INDesign
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