Electricity Terms

  1. static electricity
    a build up of either negative or positive charges
  2. circuit
    a path that allows electricity to flow
  3. current
    the rate of flow of electric charges
  4. alternating current
    an electric current that reverses its direction at repeated intervals. AC is the abbreviation
  5. direct current
    an electric current that flows in one direction only. DC is the abbreviation
  6. dry cell
    an energy source that uses dry chemicals. A 9 volt battery is an example
  7. wet cell
    an energy source that uses liquid or wet chemicals. A car battery is an example
  8. volt
    the measurement unit of voltage. Voltage is reduced by each resistor
  9. voltage
    the amount of potential energy that each unit of electrical charge has
  10. V
    symbol for volts
  11. amperes
    unit for measuring electrical current
  12. amps
    abbreviation for amperes and sometimes used for the symobl for amperes
  13. A
    symbol for amperes. Amps is a more current symbol
  14. ohms
    measure for electrical resistance
  15. Image Upload 1
    abbreviation for Ohms
  16. schematic
    a diagram using electrical symbols showing an electric circuit
  17. electrolyte
    chemicals that form ions and conduct current when dissolved in water
  18. galvanometer/potentionmeter
    a circular device that varies the resistance to electrical current. A dimmer is an example
  19. electrode
    a conductor through which electric current is passed. It may be constructed of metal, such as copper, silver, lead, or sinc or nonmetal substance such as carbon
  20. insulator
    a material or device that prevents or reduces the passage of electricity heat or cold or sound
  21. resistor
    devices that are used to control current in many circuits
  22. series circuit
    circuit in which the current has one path
  23. parallel circuit
    a circuit in which the current takes more than one path
  24. open circuit
    circuit in which there is a break so that current cannot flow
  25. closed circuit
    circuit in which there are no breaks and current can flow
  26. fuse
    the protection device. Main part is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows which breaks the cicruit
  27. circuit breaker
    a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded to prevent fires
  28. coulomb
    the unit for electric charge. Its symbol is C
  29. electroscope
    an instrument that demonstrates positive and negative charges
  30. load
    something that uses electricity
  31. energy source
    useful energy can be extracted or recovered either directly or by means of a conversion or transformation process
  32. conductor
    something that transfers electricity, heat or cold
  33. semi-conductor
    a solid material that has electricity conductivity between those of a conductor and an insulator
  34. Law of Electrical Charges
    opposite electrical charges attrace; like electrical charges repel
  35. electric field
    the space surrounding an electric charge
  36. electric force
    the force that charged objects exert on each other
  37. thermocouple
    a device for measuring temperature made of a pair of different metals joined at both ends
  38. photocell
    a type of resistor. When light strikes the cell, it allows current to flow freely. When dark, its resistance increases
  39. solar panel
    a group of olar cells arranged into a panel that can be installed into flat surface. The panel captures sunlight and convert it into DC power
  40. GFCI
    breaks the circuit and is used as a safety device where water is used
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