1. personality Psychology of everyday life
    Reserch i pesonality psychology address mainly peronality structe growth and development

    Ther is growing concern amon personality and social psychologists that the breath of topic studis is too narrow and excludes many improtent facets of everyday life that are worth of sccientife attention

    Therorectical and practical implications
  2. Getting Acquainted Study
    Particpants were free to talk about anything as they got to know each other online over a 6 week period

    Music remained the most commonly discussed topic over 6 weeks followed by movies and football
  3. Raymond Cattell
    one of the first to theroize how music could contribue to understanding personality beleved that preferences for certain types of music reveals information uncoutious aspects of personality that is overlooked by most test
  4. Cattel and Aderson 1953
    Created I.P.A.T. music preference test a personality inventory compriisng 120 classical and jazz music excerpts in which respoders indicate how much they like easch musical item

    Usfing factor analysis the identified 12 music preferneces factor and iterpeted each one as an unconscious reflection of sepcically personality charaterists
  5. Rentflow Gosling
    Using a broad and systematic selection of music genres and personality disension Renfrow and gosling examined the structue underlying music preferencs and the links between music prerences and personality

    using multip smapl methos and georapic regions analysi of the misic prefernce of over 3,500 individual converged to reveal 4 dimensions
  6. $ music prefrences diminsions
    • 1 Relfeltive complex
    • classical jazz blues fold

    2 Intense and Rebelious Rock heavy meatal alternative

    3 upbeat and convetional pop county Reliogus music soudtracts

    4 Energet and Ryhmic Rap soul fund Electonica dance
  7. cue Utilization
    link between an obserable cue and observers jugment of personality trait
  8. Cue Velidity
    the link between an observable cue e.g a prefrence for jazz and a targets actual personality trait
  9. Gosling
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