1. Artichoke Hearts
    artichoke hearts, herbed cheese, spicy tomato sauce
  2. Calamari
    calamari with garlic aioli and roasted pepper

    Traditional aioli is made with olive oil and garlic. Is an emulsion or a suspension of small gobules of oil and oil soluble compounds in water and water soluble compounds
  3. Shrimp Fra Diavolo
    shrimp with spicy tomato sauce and creamy polenta

    Fra Diavolo means Brother Devil

    Polenta is made from boiled cornmean
  4. Arancini
    Rice balls coated with breadcrumbs

    Rice ball trio: saffron rissoto with peas, rissoto and italian sausage, rissoto and crab
  5. Banana Peppers
    Sweet italian sausage, mozarella, tomato sauce

    Italian sausage is a pork sausage noted for its seasoning of fennel or anise. Basil is usually added to make it a sweet sausage.
  6. Margherita Pizza
    fresh mozerella, basil, and tomato
  7. Rustic Pizza
    potato, pancetta, ricotta, thyme

    Pancetta is a pork cured pig belly. Usually seasoned with spices such a nutmeg, pepper, fennel, dried ground hot peppers, and garlic. It is then dried for at least three months
  8. Oggi Pizza
    tomato sauce, sausage, sweet peppers, wild mushroom, and pecorino

    Pecorino is a type of Italian hard cheese made from sheep's milk
  9. Pepperoni Pizza
    tomato sauce, fresh mozarella
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