1. a vowel alternation that marks a grammatical contrast ie mouse/mice
  2. A morpheme that does not belong to a lexical category and is always bound eg ing or un
  3. the result of one category being characterized by the omission of function words and inflectional affixes and by syntactic comprehension deficits
  4. variants of morpheme
  5. a word formation process that creates a new word by removing a real or supposed affix from another word in the language
  6. the form to which an affix is added
  7. a word that is created from parts of two already existing terms
  8. a morpheme that must be attached to another element
    bound morpheme
  9. a morphological category that encodes information about an element's grammatical role
  10. a group of affixes that in english often trigger changes in the consonant or vowel segments of the base and may affect the assignment of stress
    class 1
  11. a group of affixes that tend to be phonologically neutral in english having no effect on the segmental makeup of the base or on stress assignment
    class 2
  12. a word formation process that shortens a polysyllabic word by deleting one or more syllables
  13. a morpheme that is like a word in terms of its meaning and function but is unable to stand alone as an independent form for phonological reasons
  14. a word that contains two or more morphemes
    complex word
  15. the combination of lexical categories to form a larger word
  16. a term used for morphological process that builds word structure by assembling morphemes in an additive linear fashion
  17. a word formation process that assigns an already existing word to anew syntactic category
  18. an affixational process that forms a word with a meaning and or category distinct from that of its base
  19. a clitic that attaches to the end of a word
  20. a word created from a name
  21. a morpheme that can be a word by itself
    free morpheme
  22. the morpheme that determines the category of the entire word
    head of a word
  23. the element to which clitics are attached
  24. an affix that occurs without its base
  25. the modification of a word's form to indicate the grammatical subclass to which it belongs
  26. an abbreviation created by pronouncing a series of letters like PEI as letters rather than words
  27. a process that substitutes one non morphemic segment for another to mark a grammatical contrast
    internal change
  28. the word level syntactic categories noun(N) verb (V) adjective(A), and preposition(P)
    lexical category
  29. a speakers mental dictionary which contains information in the words of a language
  30. the smallest unit of language that carries information about the meaning or function
  31. the system of categories and rules involved in word formation and interpretation
  32. a morphological process that duplicates part of the base to which it applies
    partial reduplication
  33. a morphological process that marks a grammatical contrast by replacing part of a morpheme
    partial supplection
  34. an affix that is attached to the front of its base
  35. a clitic that attaches to the beginning of a word
  36. the relative freedom with which affixes can combine with bases of the appropriate category
  37. the morpheme in a word that carries the major component of the word's meaning and belongs to a lexical category
    root of a word
  38. a morphological process that duplicates all or part of the base to which it applies
  39. a morphological process that duplicates the entire word
    full reduplication
  40. a word that consists of a single morpheme
    simple word
  41. the base to which an inflectional affix is added
  42. an affix that is attached to the end of its base
  43. a morphological process that marks a grammatical contrast by replacing a morpheme with an entirely different morpheme
  44. a diagram depicting the internal organization of a linguistic unit such as a word phrase or sentence
    tree structure
  45. a phonological change in germanic languages that results in the fronting of a vowel in the root under the influence of a front vowel in a suffix
  46. the creation of a word from scratch sometimes with the help of a computer
    word manufacture(coinage)
  47. morphology in which most complex words are formed from a base that can itself be a word
    word based morphology
  48. a compound whose rightmost component in english identifies the general class to which the meaning of the entire word belongs
    endocentric compound
  49. a compound whose meaning does not follow from the meaning of its parts
    exocentric compound
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