1. HQ2 has a maximum of how many MWOD?
    7 (6 + date tag)
  2. When is conferencing automatically enabled?
    00/50 last 2 digits of freq, and in training mode
  3. How many valid net numbers are available when operating in the HQ2 training mode?
  4. What freqs are used to hop on when operating in the HQ2 training mode?
  5. To change WOD, TOD, or NET # you must be in what mode (UHF)?
  6. When will you recieve a solid tone for UHF? Intermittent?
    • solid - invalid WOD, TOD
    • intermittent - invalid NET #
  7. What are the different internet protocols?
    Longbow, Tactical Internet, Fire Support
  8. What are the modes of operation on the FM SINCGARS radio?
    SC, FH, FH/M
  9. Sending an Electronic Counter-Counter Measure(ECCM) Remote Fill (ERF SEND) can only be accomplished in what mode of the FM radio? Recieved?
    • FH/M
    • FH
  10. Editing Hopsets can only be accomplished in what mode of FM radio?
  11. How is Time-Of-Day of the SINCGARS radio accomplished?
    GPS, ERF, Manual
  12. After the ERF RECIEVE function has been initiated, how many minutes do you have to complete the recieve process?
    5 min
  13. What are the 2 TOD's on the FM radio?
    Base and Net(no FH/M)
  14. On FM how do you enter a net within 4 seconds? >4/<60 seconds? >60 seconds?
    • key mike
    • Late Net Entry
    • CUE
  15. To recieve IDM TEAM messages you must be designate a ______ ______ on the NET page.
    team member
  16. A Network Subscriber is defined as having a ________.
    subscriber ID
  17. T/F To be a primary member you must be a team member.
  18. The FALLBACK button is solely located on the __________ page.
    top level COM
  19. NAME and PASSWORD information is entered on the ______ page.
  20. How many days of SOI information can you toggle between?
  21. When can you not send digital info over a net?
    when MAN tuned
  22. What mode must the IDM be set to before removing aircraft power?
    standby (DMS Shutdown)
  23. Which TSD page is used to transmit BDA, FARM, or TGT info to IDM network subscribers via the digital link?
  24. Which button determines if the system will automatically respond to a report request from another aircraft?
  25. Which button on the TSD/BAM page should be selected in order to assign Priority Fire Zones? How many aircraft can be assigned to each PF zone?
    • ASN
    • 2
  26. How do you reply to an automatic request for a FARM report?
  27. How many messages can be kept in your buffer? How many lines do you have for a free text with how many characters per line? How many free text messages can you keep in your buffer?
    • 48
    • 4 lines w/ 44 characters per line
    • 48
  28. When is the Mode 4 disparity audio tone activated?
    When there is a disparity b/t the loaded code and the interrogating code, active for the length of the interrrogation plus 2 secs
  29. When is the Mode 4 CAUTION displayed?
    • no crypto code or an invalid code is loaded in XPNDR
    • self-test failure
    • IFF not replying to valid, correct MODE 4 interrogations , for whatever reason
  30. How do you prevent Mode 4 code dump upon aircraft shutdown?
    DMS > SHUTDOWN > MODE 4 HOLD (when on squat switch)
  31. Where can you enter MODE 2 codes?
    XPNDR page
  32. What controls the volume of the disparity audio?
    IFF rotary, Comm Control Panel
  33. When will get a MODE 4 REPLY advisory message on the UFD?
    when IFF is recieving and replying to correct Mode 4 interogations
  34. What message security classification must be used with the BFT?
  35. What types of reports are available utilizing the BFT?
  36. What message indicates the BFT is searching for the network?
  37. What message indicates the BFT has not received a valid UNP?
  38. Who controls the BFT power switch?
  39. How many UTO's can the BFT system handle?
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