1. three functions muscles perform when they contract
    motion,maintenance of posture,and production of heat
  2. five basic functions of the skeletal system
    support,protection,movement,mineral storage,hematopoiesis
  3. ankylosis
    progressive disorder of the sacroiliac and hip joints,the synovial joints of the spine and the adjacent soft tissues
  4. arthrocentesis
    the puncture of a joint with a needle and the withdrawal of fluid,which is performed to obtain samples of synovial fluid for diagnostic purposes
  5. arthroplasty
    refers to repair or refashioning of one or both sides,parts,or specific tissue within a joint
  6. blanching
    to whiten or pale
  7. compartment syndrome
    a pathogenic condition caused by progressive development of arterial vessel compression and reduced blood supply to an extremity
  8. kyphosis
    a rounding of the thoracic spine ( hump-backed appearance)
  9. lordosis
    increase in the curve of the lumbar space region that throws the shoulders back making the "lordly or kingly" appearance
  10. parethesia
    any subjective sensationas of pricks of pins or needles
  11. definition of rheumatoid arthritis
    • chronic systemic disease,inflammation of the joints that becomes crippling,most severe form of arthrits,auto-immune disease
    • complaints of malaise,muscle weakness, weakened grip strength,loss of appetite, generalized aching
  12. definition of osteoarthritis
    almost inevitable consequence of aging, exsists in two forms primary (cause is unknown) and secondary (caused by trauma,infection,previous fractures,rheumatiod arthritis,stress on weight-bearing joints from obesity or certain occupations such as boxing)
  13. definition of gouty arthritis
    a increase or build up if uric acid in the blood causing inflammation of the joints
  14. list 4 healthy life style measures a person can practice to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis
    increase calcium intake,maintain healthy weight,exercise regularly with weight bearing exercises,
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