PSYC Ch. 7

  1. theoretical bridge
    the connection between two different variables
  2. electrode
    a sensor usually placed on the surface of the skin and linked to a physiological recording machine to measure physiological variables
  3. telemetry
    a proccess by which electrical signals are sent from the participant to the polygraph through radio waves insted of by wires
  4. Type A personality
    a behavior characterized by impatience, competativeness and hostility
  5. ascending reticular activating system (ARAS)
    a structure in the brain stem thought to control overall cortical arousal

    -eysenck originally thought it was responsible ofr the differences between intorverts and extroverts
  6. reinforcement sensitivity theory
    • Gray's biological theory of personality. base on recent brain funciton research with animals.
    • - based on 2 hypothesized biological systems in the brain: the behavioral activation system and the behavioral inhibition system
  7. behavioral activation system (BAS)
    responsive to incentives such as cues for reward and regulates approach behavior
  8. Behavioral inhibition system (BIS)
    which is responsive to to cues for punishment, frustraiton, and uncertainty
  9. inpulsivity
    the inability to inhibit responses
  10. sensation seeking
    a dimension of personality postulated to have a physiological basis. It refers to the tendency to seek out thrilling and exciting activities, to take risks, and to avoid bordom
  11. comorbidity
    where 2 or more disorders simultaneously occur within the same individual
  12. neuro transmitters
    are chemicals in the nerve cells that are responsible for the transmission of a nerve impulse form one cell to another
  13. norepinephrine
    is involved in activating the sympathetic nervous system for fight-or flight
  14. Cloninger's tridimensional personality model: 3 personality traits are tied to levels 3 neuro transmitters
    • - novelty seeking- low levels of dopamine
    • - harm avoidance- abnormalties in serotonin metabolism
    • - reward dependence - low levels of norepinephrine
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