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  1. Who came up with the term battered child syndrom
    C Kempe
  2. Describel what Kempe meant the term battered child sysndrom
    repeated intentional injuries inflected by parents
  3. C. Kempe work led to what?
    Activtism and 1974 Child Abuse and Prevention Act
  4. What did the National Council of Child Abuse and Neglect say about the trend of Child Abuse and Neglect in the 1980s
    It was on the increase
  5. According to the Council of Child Abuse and Neglect, what was the most common form of Abuse?
    Physical Abuse
  6. According to the Council of Child Abuse and Neglect, what type of abuse are girls most likely to endure?
    sexual abuse
  7. According to the Council of Child Abuse and Neglect, who are more at risk for serious injuries from abuse
  8. According to the Council of Child Abuse and Neglect, what age group is more likely to see abuse
  9. What is problematic about the Council of Child Abuse and Neglect's claim that children aged 5-11 are most likely to see abuse.
    younger child abuse may not be discovered due to them not being at school yet and can't report child abuse. Older children tend to runaway or fight back instead of reporting.
  10. What does the National Council for Child Abuse and Neglect say about racial and social status?
    no difference across racial line in abuse, however, lower income is at more risk for abuse
  11. What is meant by neglect?
    disregard the physical, emotional, and moral needs of children.
  12. What are some common characteristics of neglect?
    malnurishment, without proper supervision/shelter, ill/lacking medical care, emotional neglect/not feeling loved, failure to attend school, exploiting children, emotionally disturbed, exposure to demoralizing and unwholesome circumstances.
  13. What was Norman Polanshky known for?
    Study of mothers in North Carolina and Georgia who were accused of neglect.
  14. What categories did Norman Polansky used to describe the women in his study?
    • Apathetic- emotionally numb, no love, futile mother
    • Impulse- abadondon their kids to have fun
    • Mentally Retarded Mother- Doesn't understand how to mother.
    • Reaction-depressive Mother- Proccupied with the loss of a loved one or other tramatic exerience
    • Borderline/Psychotic Mother- caught up in fantasies, may forget about the children or try to include them in their fantasy
  15. What is the greatest predictor of neglect.
    Mother's immaturity
  16. What is used for the objective standard for determining abuse and/or neglect
    The Child Neglect Index
  17. What does the Child Neglect Index use for assessment?
    Supervision, food/nutrition, clothing/hygiene, physical health, mental health, developmental care
  18. define physical abuse
    intentional behavior directed to a child by parents/caretakers to cause pain, injury or death
  19. What does Murray Staus say about corporal punishment?
    it is abuse, and may work short term but will not work long term. Mothers tend to hit more, works as a cycle,
  20. What are Murray Strauss' myths of Corporal Punishment?
    • 1) Works better than anything else
    • 2) If you don't spank the child you will spoil them
    • 3) It does not harm the child
  21. Define Emotional Abuse
    Lack of expressed love and attention, as well as deliberate withholding of attention or approval, Contact.
  22. According to David Gil what are the five basic explanations for the nature of Abuse
    • 1) Stuctural Factors- social class could play a role
    • 2) Mental illness of parents
    • 3) The cycle, history of abuse as a child
    • 4) Transcendtory factors- drugs, alcohol
    • 5) Demanding Child- Parents do not know how ato handle
  23. What is the relationship of Child Abuse and Neglect to Delinquency and Status Offenses
    • Runaways- get away from abuse
    • Disruptive behaviors is school
    • Drug/Alcohol abuse
    • Promescuity/Sexual Behavior
    • Violence/Abusive Expression
  24. What role do Police Officers play in Child Abuse
  25. Who are the only ones allowed to remove a child from an abusive home.
    Police officer
  26. What roles does the Social Worker play in the Justice System regarding Child Abuse?
    gather evidence and accompany the Police Officer
  27. Describe the standard of proof regarding child abuse
    must be clear evidence of abuse and parents do have a right to raise their children
  28. What did Cesare Lombroso say about female delinquency?
    • Women are inferior to men
    • Women are unable to feel pain (insensitive to the pain of others and lack moral refinement)
  29. How does Lombroso say women are characterized due to sex roles
    • Women are characterized as passive conservative just like the egg they carry
    • Women are born with feminine characteristics which make them dull
    • The Female delinquent is born with more manly characteristics, this combined with female characteristics makes female criminals more vicious than men
  30. What did Cowie say about girls who are physically overdeveloped in regards to crime?
    • Maybe physical overdevelopment leads to earlier attention to sex
    • Women in prison tend to be overweight
    • Menstration is a constant reminder than they will never be men and leds to frustration crime
  31. What did WI Thomas say about about characteristic regarding men and women, "In Sex and Society"
    • Men have a Katabolic force- more active aggressive
    • Women have an Anabolic force- motionless, nathargic, conservative.
  32. What did the book "The Unadjusted Girl" by WI Thomas highlight?
    Female Delinquency is connected to desire for new experiences, security, recognition and response, sex can be used by females as a form of human capital
  33. Sigmond Freud blames what on female delinquency?
    • Women have penis envy and want to be a male
    • They adapt by having a baby however, the female that does not adapt and overcome the envy become delinquent
  34. What does Peter Bols say about the sexual acting out of women criminals?
    • may be trying to avoid homosexual surrender, or revenge against the mother
    • May be trying to restore reality for an emotionaly alienated female, attach themselves to others
  35. How does Otto Pollack say that girls get away with delinquency?
    Society is more leniant on females, and they act in roles we do not link with crime. I.E. Nurse, Housekeeper
  36. What does Otto Pollack say about the character of women?
    Women are inherintly deceitful and instigators
  37. What are some sociological explanations offered for delinquency
    Blocked Opportunity Theory- opportunities to achieve goals are blocked, therefore leads to delinquencies as an alternative. This is more general for men- the breadwinners
  38. What does Susan Datesman say about the Blocked Opportunity Theory?
    She suggests that women are more likely to react to such blocked opportunites
  39. What does Freda Adler say about the Women's Liberation Movement?
    • Rise in crime for females due to the lack of opportunities.
    • Women have the same goals but less opportunity.
    • Some women may pick up traditionally male delinquent acts shifting from promiscuity to more violent and drug acts.
  40. According to the Social Control Theory, why are women less likely to be delinquent?
    Sexual orientation- the way we raise girls, they are more supervised
  41. What does Giordano suggests about peer groups and female delinquency?
    • Females:
    • Most likely to commit a delinquent act in a mixed sex environment
    • 2nd most likely when they are alone
    • 3rd most likely when they are with a group of females
    • 4th pair of females
    • 5th 1 girl and a group of males
    • Lastly, 1 boy and 1 girl (relationship status)
  42. Whart does Ploeger, Warr and Mears say matters to girls in regards to delinquency
    moral evaluations. They care what peers think.
  43. Describe the Power Control Theory
    John Hagen claims that mothers gained power relative to the husband as they began to Work.
  44. What is the Patriarchial family
    male dominated
  45. What is the egalitarian family
    Treat girls equal to boys- giving girls more freedom thus reducing crime
  46. What does Silbert and Pines say regarding the Feminist Theory?
    60% of street prostitues had been sexual abused
  47. Why are girls treated differently in the Justice Systems?
    • They are percieved to be engaged in a sexual type of activity therefore discrimenated
    • Girls expected of Status offenses more likely to be referred to court
  48. What did Christy Visher discover regarding females in the Justice System
    younger females received harsher punishment than older females for same delinquent acts as police tend to take on a paternal stance.
  49. What did Fordham say about race and female delinquency in "Those Loud Black Girls"
    Black girls resisted the anglo saxon norm of being feminine, not wanting to act like a white girl they would become loud, assertive and lead to dropping out and problems
  50. What are the variables of family structure regarding delinquency
    • Single or two parent families
    • Small or Large families
  51. What are the varibales is function in families in regards to delinquency
    • relationships of the home:
    • Parents with each other
    • Parents with the children
  52. What does George Mangold say about the Broken Home
    1924, the broken home is key to explaining delinquency
  53. What does Wales and Rankin say about the broken home.
    • higher in the broken home by 10-15 percent.
    • Stronger for minor forms and status offenses.
    • Stronger for families broken by divorce over death.
    • Age of child at the time of breakup insignificant.
    • Stepparents were not a factor
  54. How does birth order affect delinquency?
    Children born in the middle more likely to be delinquent and they may feel left out.
  55. How does family size affect delinquecy and why?
    • Children of large families more likely to be delinquent:
    • Difficult to supervise large families
    • Parents tend to delegate responsibilities
    • Larger families more at risk for social problems like poverty
  56. What does the Glueks and Nye say about happiness in the family regarding delinquency
    • Happiness of marriage is key
    • Good marital relationships and strong family cohesiveness key to preventing delinquency
  57. What did Rosen find about African American males in Philadelphia
    Lower delinquency in boys who have a relationship with their fathers
  58. How does Nye say discipline affects delinquency?
    • Strict parenting, being laxed, or being unfair all leds to delinquency
    • Disciplinary role of the father makes the biggest difference in explaining delinquency
  59. What does Cathy Widom learn from her study?
    1st 29% of abused/ neglected kids ended up with serious criminal records as an older adult compared to 21% of non abused kids.

    2nd Maltreated children ended with more juvenile arrests, more likely to be arrested for violent crime
  60. What did Horace Manne discover about early schools
    250 kids received 328 seperate floggings in one week about 65 floggings a day
  61. What are three key problems in schools today
    • Poor achievment
    • lack of funding
    • Crime in Schools
  62. What issues did Urban schools face?
    • Failed to provide an orderly, safe environment
    • Authoritarian/ repressive school atmosphere
  63. Key points, School Violence in the 1970s
    • According to Violent Schools-Safe Schools Report of 1978:
    • Secondary school pupils attacked at school often leading to injury
    • 36% of all assaults on adolescence occured at school
    • Items were getting stolen in value of over 10 dollars
  64. Key Points, School Violence in 1980s
    • Violence became increased and teachers became victims to assault.
    • 1980 Study of Inner City LA Teachers:
    • Teachers directly being threatened by students.
    • Locker searches revealed weapons and drugs
    • Number of violent crimes in and around schools remained high
  65. National Adolecent Student Health Survey of 1988
    • Third of students had been threatened at school grades 8-10
    • Seventh had been Robbed or Assaulted
    • Half of the males and a Quarter of females had been in a fist fight
    • 7 percent males claim to carry a knife to school
  66. Key Points, School Violence in the 1990s
    • 1993 Center for Disease Control Study:
    • 9-12 graders would miss school due to fear of what might happen to them at school
    • 32 percent fearful enough to carry a weapon
    • Violent Crimes in and around schools increased since mid 1980s
  67. What did the 1995-96 Study of Eleven High Schools in LA reveal?
    • 49% had seen a weapon at school
    • 39% had experienced gang intimidation
    • 38% had seen a shooting go to or from school
  68. What does 2005 Data reveal about school violence?
    dramatic decrease
  69. How do gangs perpretrate school violence?
    • Gangs recruited new members by means of intimidation and violence
    • Rival gangs often brought violence to school events
    • Gangs assualted teachers, students, and brought weapons and drugs to school
  70. What did Elliot and Vass discover in their 4 year study of high school students?
    Those who dropped out had significantly higher delinquency rates while in schools, however once they left school delinquency behavior declined
  71. Jorjoura described the characteristics of droppouts how?
    • non homogeneous and offered three reasons for dropouts:
    • Short term vs Long tern reasons
    • School vs No School reasons
    • The impact of personal, financial or environmental reasons
  72. According to the first reading, what attachment mattered most?
    intimacy and communication
  73. What does the Cultural Deviance Arguement suggest?
    If associated with delinquency, will likely commit delinquent acts
  74. What are the Characteristics of a Gun Carrier?
    • More Males bringing guns to school
    • More Blacks bringing guns to school
    • 17-18 age group bringing more guns to school
    • Both Single and Two Parent arrangments bringing guns to school
    • High Income students bringing guns to school
    • Gang members bringing guns to school
    • Schools near Central Cities experience more guns at school
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