Mod G unit 2

  1. Refers to the person who has been with the organizatin the longest.
  2. To set someone apart or act with prejudice against a group.
  3. Real or imaginary wrong regarded as cause for complaint or resentment.
  4. To quote an authority
  5. A trial period during the early months of employment to see if theere is a fit between the employee and the position. Usually 3 months, employee can be dismissed without cause
  6. A fellow member of a profession
  7. Small payment for a service
  8. The standard
  9. Having sufficient assets (money) to pay debts
  10. Collecting all records, test results, and information pertaining to the patient who is scheduled to be seen by the physician.
  11. Data relating to descriptive information such as age, gender, ethnic background and education
  12. A medical insurance plan which requires the patient a designated amoutn or percentage of a bill for medical services or medication.
  13. A physician's staff employee, often a medical assistant, who greets and assists patients as they come into the office.
  14. CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  15. Small computer systems designed to be portable, including desktop, laptop notebook, and hand held computers
  16. RAM
    Random access memory
  17. A small chip that does the work of precessing data in a microcomputer
  18. ROM
    Read only manual
  19. A reminder or hint to the user that some action must be taken by the user before processing of data can continue
  20. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    Purpose is to provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities
  21. The science that deals with people's perfomance and good health while carrying out job tasks, operating office equipment, and generally interacting in the work environment.
  22. Mandate
  23. Capable of burning or eating away tissue
  24. Positive or negative state of mind of employees (as regards a feeling of well being) with relationship to their work or work environment.
  25. A set or sets of programmed instructions that tell the computer hardware what to do in order to complete the required data processing (also called a program)
  26. What is the purpose of a performance review?
    Provide an opprotunity to give an employee positibe motivation, encouragement, and direction for improvement
  27. What are some of the receptionist's responsibilities?
    • open the office: arriving 30 minutes before office is open to turn on lights and machines, temperature @ 74 degrees, clean waiting room, etc.
    • answer the phone (by the 2nd ring)
    • make sure that the waiting room is clean and safe
    • Print master list every morning for physician
    • Schedule patients
    • Collate files for next day
    • close the office: turn on answering system, turn everything off, set the alarm, lock up
  28. Would you use a hot or cold pack for injured muscles?
  29. What is the main reason for staff meetings?
    Have open communication between staff and physician
  30. What is the employee Policy manual?
    Includes info fdor employee about employee-employer relationship
  31. What is the purpose of the office procedure manual?
    • Provides information on how tasks are performed
    • SOP (standard operating procedure)
  32. All parts of the computer that you can see or touch?
  33. What does R.A.C.E. stand for?
    • R=remove pt from vacinity of fire
    • A=activate alarm & alert other staff
    • C=keep floors clean and clear@ all times
    • E=extinguish fire if safe to do so
  34. What is the administrative equipment?
    computer, phone/fax, copier, calculator, dictation/transcription machine
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