Other Id. Exp. 1

  1. Basta!
  2. a (algunas) veces
    sometimes, at times
  3. a bordo
    on board
  4. a ciegas
  5. a diario
  6. a fin de cuentas
    in the end, after all (is said and done), in the final analysis
  7. a fondo
    thouroughly, in detail
  8. a la + nationality (f)
    in (nationality) style
  9. a la carrera
    quickly, on the run
  10. a la fuerza
    by force
  11. a la larga
    in the long run
  12. a la vez
    at the same time
  13. a lo largo
    throughout, along
  14. a lo lejos
    in the distance, far off, at a distance
  15. a ma's tardar
    at the latest
  16. a menudo
    often, frequently
  17. a mi parecer
    in my opinion
  18. a pie
    on foot, walking
  19. a propo'sito
    by the way
  20. a solas
  21. su vez
    in turn
  22. a tiempo
    on time
  23. a tropezones
    by fits and starts
  24. a u'ltima hora
    at the last minute
  25. a ver
    let's see
  26. ahora mismo
    right now, right away, at once
  27. al aire libre
  28. al amanecer
    at dawn, at daybreak
  29. al anochecer
    at dusk, at nightfall
  30. al contado
    cash, for cash
  31. al contrario
    on the contrary
  32. al fin
    finally, at last
  33. al fin y al cabo
    in the end, after all (is said and done)
  34. al menos
    at least
  35. al mismo tiempo
    at the same time
  36. al parecer
    apparantly, seemingly
  37. al pie de la letra
  38. al por mayor
  39. al por menor
  40. al principio
    at first, at the beginning
  41. al reve's
    upside down, inside out
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